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Where Plyushkin lives

14 May 2015 / 19:05:30  GRReporter
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People of all ages "suffer" from the same thing - they love to collect different things. Generally, this is due to our instinct for survival but largely, it is just hoarding and storing some belongings and items that we define as more valuable in accordance with our personal value scale. Plyushkin, the character in Gogol's novel "Dead Souls", is someone who has a place in every one of us. Naturally, not to such an extreme extent but you can safely say that nobody is a stranger to the desire to collect and amass different things.

Today’s article is about what we love to collect, amass and store, and to what extent this can become an obsession. Of course, there is a normal set of objects and items needed in everyday life. In this connection, not only hoarders draw the interest but also those who do not buy, or even collect, items that the minimum subsistence requires, although they can afford them, constantly taking them from others.

In astrology, the main meaning of the second house is "personal resources". Personal resources are all those things through which one survives and thereby stays alive. Of course, food, clothing and vital belongings without which one cannot do are in the first place as well as money that helps obtain those vital things. The objects and items that are valuable for someone come next, even if they are not essential. Eyes and speech also fall in the second house. They are also vital for people to survive. Eyes serve to see where one goes and what risks one may face. Speech serves to ask questions, request, and say that we need something.

Now you may ask yourself about the connection between all these things - eyes, speech, money, objects, clothes, belongings, accumulated wealth and resources. Undoubtedly, there is a connection between them and if you look at people and their lives you will surely find out how the phrase "silence is golden" originated. And not only that. I leave it to you to continue with the conclusions.

As explained, the second house in the personal horoscope and the planet that rules it play an important role in finding out what attracts our attention, driving us to collect it and amass it, and to what extent we do so. The position and strength of the ruling planet are important as they define how strong the "Plyushkin syndrome" is in your case. When the configuration of the second house in the personal horoscope is more complex, the person definitely has an imbalance in terms of collecting and hoarding, with possible extremes - both the greed for having more and more, and for showing no desire to possess anything.

Later in the article I will describe what you tend to collect, amass and even hoard. The degree of manifestation depends on the status of the planet that rules the second house. There is no way to include it in the article, but those familiar with astrology might use it for a further assessment.
I will say briefly that the "Plyushkin syndrome" is more active when the absolute power of the ruling planet is high. Absolute power means a position where the planet is in its own house or falling, in exaltation and exile.

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