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Where Plyushkin lives

14 May 2015 / 19:05:30  GRReporter
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People of all ages "suffer" from the same thing - they love to collect different things. Generally, this is due to our instinct for survival but largely, it is just hoarding and storing some belongings and items that we define as more valuable in accordance with our personal value scale. Plyushkin, the character in Gogol's novel "Dead Souls", is someone who has a place in every one of us. Naturally, not to such an extreme extent but you can safely say that nobody is a stranger to the desire to collect and amass different things.

Today’s article is about what we love to collect, amass and store, and to what extent this can become an obsession. Of course, there is a normal set of objects and items needed in everyday life. In this connection, not only hoarders draw the interest but also those who do not buy, or even collect, items that the minimum subsistence requires, although they can afford them, constantly taking them from others.

In astrology, the main meaning of the second house is "personal resources". Personal resources are all those things through which one survives and thereby stays alive. Of course, food, clothing and vital belongings without which one cannot do are in the first place as well as money that helps obtain those vital things. The objects and items that are valuable for someone come next, even if they are not essential. Eyes and speech also fall in the second house. They are also vital for people to survive. Eyes serve to see where one goes and what risks one may face. Speech serves to ask questions, request, and say that we need something.

Now you may ask yourself about the connection between all these things - eyes, speech, money, objects, clothes, belongings, accumulated wealth and resources. Undoubtedly, there is a connection between them and if you look at people and their lives you will surely find out how the phrase "silence is golden" originated. And not only that. I leave it to you to continue with the conclusions.

As explained, the second house in the personal horoscope and the planet that rules it play an important role in finding out what attracts our attention, driving us to collect it and amass it, and to what extent we do so. The position and strength of the ruling planet are important as they define how strong the "Plyushkin syndrome" is in your case. When the configuration of the second house in the personal horoscope is more complex, the person definitely has an imbalance in terms of collecting and hoarding, with possible extremes - both the greed for having more and more, and for showing no desire to possess anything.

Later in the article I will describe what you tend to collect, amass and even hoard. The degree of manifestation depends on the status of the planet that rules the second house. There is no way to include it in the article, but those familiar with astrology might use it for a further assessment.
I will say briefly that the "Plyushkin syndrome" is more active when the absolute power of the ruling planet is high. Absolute power means a position where the planet is in its own house or falling, in exaltation and exile.

Ascendant in Aries
The second house falls in Taurus and is ruled by Venus. You tend to amass, collect and hoard things that look beautiful. They may not be very valuable or useful but it is important for you that you like how they look. They may be everyday objects, jewellery, clothing, furniture, even houses - in short, all kinds of items that help you decorate your home and make yourself beautiful. The position of Venus in your personal horoscope determines what exactly you define as beautiful and aesthetical. There is something peculiar in your case, namely that Mars, the ruler of the Ascendant (i.e. you yourself), has "fallen" in Taurus. This means that you are highly vulnerable to becoming a slave of worldly beauty, appearance, of the "packaging". This applies especially to clothing, jewellery and everything that makes you feel beautiful. You are one of those people who are addicted to buying clothes and personal accessories.
Ascendant in Taurus
The second house falls in Gemini and is ruled by Mercury. You tend to amass, collect and hoard objects that are associated with obtaining some knowledge, facilitating the delivery and receipt of information. Typically, these are books, newspapers, documents, stamps, postcards, writing supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils). Phones, TVs, PCs are also means by which you can obtain knowledge/information and therefore you show a keen interest in such equipment. Vehicles also fall within the scope of Gemini and depending on the position of Mercury, you may be one of those people who love to have several cars, even to collect them if you can afford it.
Ascendant in Gemini
The second house falls in Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. You tend to amass, collect and hoard items that are traditionally handed down in your family, family relics, items that a family member has given as a present to you. You also collect all objects that have a special emotional and sentimental value that is clear only to you. You love to collect kitchenware too. Even if you cannot cook, your kitchen has everything you need to prepare all types of dishes. You have a very special attitude to food, you like to have stockpiles of food, buy different food to try it. Depending on the position of the Moon in your personal horoscope, there is a danger for you to find food products with an expired shelf life in your home but even in this case, you find it difficult to throw them away.
Ascendant in Cancer
The second house falls in Leo and is ruled by the Sun. You tend to amass, collect and hoard only very rare and very valuable things. All that glitters brightly draws your attention, both literally and symbolically. These are usually gold items, precious stones, expensive jewellery, antiques, artwork, special symbols that indicate prestige and that are not produced on a large scale. You are passionately carried away with everything called haute couture, especially with single items. The creative capacity, to create and make, falls in Leo and you may collect everything that is your own creation. Depending on the position of the Sun in your personal horoscope, an anti-Plyushkin state can be observed in your case that leads to gathering and collecting nothing, to using someone else’s items or to receiving them as gifts.
Ascendant in Leo
The second house falls in Virgo and is ruled by Mercury. You tend to amass, collect and hoard items that have a totally practical and useful application; you can work with them, repair them and make something with them. These are mainly items that you use in your work on a daily basis such as tools, spare parts for home appliances, books and manuals of the type "Tips: How to make." Medicines, herbs, tools and supplies for treatment and maintaining good health fall in Virgo too. You are very practical and rarely collect something for the sake of collection. If you do so, it is just to sell it and profit in this way. You would rather keep a bank account as, being one of the most useful possessions, money also falls in the scope of things that you collect and accumulate.
Ascendant in Virgo
The second house falls in Libra and is ruled by Venus. You tend to amass, collect and hoard beauty. It is mainly in the form of objects and items that make you feel beautiful, desirable, special, and mostly cosmetics, clothes and accessories. A very important part of your collection is beautiful manners, behaviour, social skills that open plenty of socializing opportunities to you. You like collecting and accumulating contacts with various people - acquaintances, friends, partners. You follow the maxim that what is practical is not always beautiful, but what is beautiful is always useful. In your case it is interesting that Venus (the ruler of the second house) is in a special position in Virgo, it has "fallen" in it. You are not willing to serve beauty but you succeed in making beauty (in the form of goods and harmonious, beautiful behaviour) to serve you.
Ascendant in Libra  
The second house falls in Scorpio and is ruled by Mars (Pluto). You tend to amass, collect and hoard possessions that serve to protect you but that are designed to exercise a hidden control and power over people. These objects are a type of "weapon" that makes you feel protected and allows you to disarm people. Women gather mostly female weapons that make them enticing and open every door. Men collect mostly male weapons – they may be virtually weapons (knives, guns), but also other weapons similar to those collected by women, which use mostly the power of sex and seduction. Therefore, you are one of those people who very often collect "numbers" of men or women. However, you are passionate about amassing wealth, mainly items, money, property, which belonged to someone else. You are not interested in what you can just buy. What is special in your case is that Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant, has "fallen" into Scorpio. This makes you very vulnerable and susceptible to becoming a slave of your desire to hoard.
Ascendant in Scorpio
The second house falls in Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter. You tend to amass, collect and hoard items that have a foreign origin, that were made abroad, by foreigners, and symbolize a foreign culture. You like objects that are not of local origin to surround you, to create an atmosphere that includes as many countries as possible. You acquire them especially when travelling and visiting international locations. Religion and different faiths, the connection with the spiritual world fall in Sagittarius as well. Therefore, you tend to collect all kinds of items that are religious symbols, including icons, crosses, religious books, manuals for various rituals. You make a collection while travelling around the world and if you cannot travel for some reason, you collect everything related to trips, namely books, guides, road maps, films about trips.
Ascendant in Sagittarius
The second house falls in Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn. You tend to amass, collect and hoard durable things that certainly could ‘outlive’ several generations. It could be said that you suffer from asceticism in terms of the property that you accumulate - you are reluctant to accumulate a lot of it and burden yourself. What you would like to possess usually is modest in terms of amount but it is durable and has a great value. You collect mostly products that prove to be intransient, practical and useful for surviving under all conditions, mainly household items made of steel, lead, stone; tools and instruments to make some instruments yourself; woollen and leather clothing, bedding, blankets, which are the strongest materials, and mostly a secure and stably built home, even better if it were made of stone.
Ascendant in Capricorn
The second house falls in Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn (Uranus). You tend to amass, collect and hoard items that are certainly modest as quantity on the one hand and unusual, strange, even absurd on the other. You may not even know how to use them and why they were made. In view of the fact that such items are rare, the possibility of you making a large collection is minimal. You are one of those people who do not accumulate much property and do not have a great passion for making collections and amassing belongings. There is only one thing that you diligently collect and continuously ‘amass’, namely friends and people who are useful to you and patronize you, and you can always count on them for everything. Therefore, you may be a kind of anti-Plyushkin. Why collect belongings since you have friends and acquaintances who can provide you with everything you need.
Ascendant in Aquarius
The second house falls in Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter (Neptune). You tend to amass, collect and hoard mainly mysterious and mystic objects or items that are very important for humanity in general in terms of history, application, because they were created and used by special people, send some message to the people, and help spiritual searches and growth. They are rarely expensive in terms of price/value, they are more important in terms of spirit as they embody someone’s soul or the spirit of an entire era, they have become a cult and are used for various religious rituals and ceremonies. You are one of those people who most often collect everything associated with writers, musicians, actors, singers, including photos, newspaper and magazine clippings, books, publications, films, gramophone records, discs. You also collect items that help you capture the spirit of the times such as cameras, film tapes, music and voice recording devices.
Ascendant in Pisces  
The second house falls in Aries and is ruled by Mars. You tend to amass, collect and hoard possessions that serve to protect you and make you feel safe on the one hand and help you fight, compete and win on the other. They are usually "weapon" type items such as knives, guns, various blades, martial accessories. You often become collectors of antique weapons and everything that is associated with martial arts. Everything that symbolizes victory and the fact that you have defeated your competitors and rivals, becoming a winner, falls in Aries too. Therefore, you collect everything connected with victories in your life - cups, diplomas, trophies, awards and all other symbols of victory. There is one more thing that can be classified as a collection, namely that you easily make yourself rivals, so you can "sing your praises" with quite a large collection of people who are your competitors and rivals.


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