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What we are Going to Experience with our Partner according to the Sun

22 June 2014 / 12:06:36  GRReporter
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Marriage and life partners have always been and always will be the main topic concerning every person’s life. For almost all of our lives each of is trying to connect with another person and to maximize satisfactory partnerships.

For better or worse, we all believe in the perfect partnership, which is actually just a myth. The perfect partnership, the one each of us imagines, is a set of things that are essentially mutually exclusive. However, the relationship with the marriage and intimate partner are undoubtedly of key importance regarding many things in our lives, even those we least suspect that have anything in common.

Today’s article is on what the combination of sun signs suggests regarding your partnership. For instance, you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, and he or she - under the sign of Virgo. Or you were born under the sign of Aries, and he/she - under the sign of Aquarius.

I would like to say that everything you've read or heard about the sun signs matching is mostly quite far from reality and practice. The combination of sun signs in a partnership tells us something very important, which affects the meaning of your relationship, what the most important lessons you "teach" the other are, what I should know about myself and express it to the world. It is far from all emotions and feelings or sexual attraction.

Partnership astrology, which focuses on matching between people and what they are destined to survive while they are together, is characterized by many layers to analyze. Each and every one of us is a complex "universe" and therefore the relationship between two people can take many different directions. The most important direction, however, is the emotional and instinctive world. In this respect, the mutual arrangement of the Moon from one to the other horoscope is a priority. Yet, you are well aware that in addition to the emotional aspect, marriage and partnership have other layers as well - spiritual (referring to the meaning behind your partnership), physical and sexual, connected to domestic issues or communication, what your position in society is, whether you attract luck, prestige or unpleasant events

The Sun gives life to us all. Without the heat and light it emits, we simply would not be able to live. The Sun gives meaning to life, it provides the reason why a person is alive and expresses himself as part of the world and society. Regarding intimate and marital relationships, the Sun has little influence, if any, on whether people feel comfortable or happy with one another, and whether they have a good emotional, sexual or domestic partnership. In contrast, the Sun is an indicator of what spiritual lessons you learn from your partner, how to recharge your relationship with a vital energy, what you are destined to experience as a most important spiritual development.

In a nutshell, the Moon shows to what extent you and your partner match in terms of emotional and social aspects, what your instinctive and emotional comfort with your partner is. The Sun shows how you match at spiritual level, too – where your spirit is focused, where you find meaning in life and look for individual public and personal means of expression. There are other layers of the matching as well, but they will be the topic of other articles I’m going to write.

Now I will give you an example how to determine the mutual position of the Sun in both partners’ horoscopes. The number of possible combinations is seven. This is a complete analogue to the number of visible planets in the Solar system that are associated with the material, tangible life.

If your sun sign is Aries, for example, and your partner’s sun sign is Scorpio, use number 1 for the Aries sign and check the sign/number of your partner’s Sun. In our example, it turns out that your partner's Sun falls in the Eighth sign. This automatically means that your Sun in turn falls in the Sixth sign for your partner (if you count from Scorpio to Aries, this will give you the number six). Please, find below what I’ve written about The Partner’s Sun in the Sixth or Eighth Sign.

The Partner’s Sun in the Same Sign (when the two partners were born under one and the same sign).

You and your partner are “of the same breed”, so to speak. You share one and the same spiritual direction. The meaning of your relationship is to increase your individuality, to express your will and to learn to be independent. In this sort of partnership what is most important is strength and weakness: both yours and your partner’s. Personal self-focus is so amplified, that over time both you and your partner have the desire to prove yourselves. Therefore, power struggles are a frequent element of your relationship. Your partner "teaches" you lessons of personality - how to be strong individuals. It is reciprocal too - from him/her to you and from you to him/her. You are very strongly connected by moments when one of you is involved in a situation where will, individuality and strength need to be shown.

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