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Truth is born in an argument

25 August 2015 / 11:08:34  GRReporter
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The popular aphorism states that truth is born in an argument. I do not know whether truth is always only one and only, as everyone has his or her own truth, based on personal views and experience. However, it is true that a dispute/discussion is the best way to hear the real thoughts, opinions and views of another person, and those that could be most useful at that.

Today’s article is about how to enter into constructive discussions and disputes so that they are beneficial. Each of us has the ability to give to others something specific in the form of an opinion or idea. Therefore, when involved in a discussion it is better for us to use them in it. Then we feel that others are listening to us, finding our suggestions or thoughts useful, and that we have a contribution and others can learn something from us.

The ninth house in the horoscope describes one’s personal truth of life, actual thoughts, opinions and views. This house defines the ways that lead to a favourable solution to every problem, one’s ability to obtain and pass on knowledge and wisdom, and how to benefit from every discussion or controversial situation. The third - ninth house axis is called the axis of communication, education, of the skill to listen to others (and hear them), express one’s views and concepts so that others will hear them, the result of all this being a constructive discussion.

The ninth house in the horoscope is essential in connection with this topic, namely how to enter into a constructive discussion. A constructive discussion requires you to be able to listen, extract what is beneficial from the ideas of others, participate only where you can be useful, as the most favourable solution for all will be born in this way. Not surprisingly, judiciary and people who are committed to creating laws aimed at finding the right solution fall into the symbolism of the ninth house.

Now I will give information according to the sign where the ninth house falls. The reading takes place from the ascendant, as it is the factor that sets reality in terms of physical conditions, events and facts.

Ascendant in Aries
The ninth house falls in Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter. In a discussion, the most constructive behaviour for you is to pay special attention when someone shares a foreign experience. When expressing your own opinions, focus on what you have seen done abroad or what you have learnt through your contacts with foreigners, on what affects international relations, training, and education. Strive to use the experience and knowledge gained during your various trips to, and stays in, foreign countries, to propose the introduction of foreign experience in training and education, business trips, various trainings.
Ascendant in Taurus
The ninth house falls in Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn. In a discussion, the most constructive behaviour for you is to abide by a particular etiquette, order and rules. Compose your own list of supporting points and try not to deviate from it. Focus mainly on the opinions and ideas of the people whom you respect the most and consider prestigious. Try in turn to express your opinion concisely and briefly, inspire respect and bet on issues of power and control. Try to express opinions related to reputation, name, dignity, methods and ways of management.
Ascendant in Gemini
The ninth house falls in Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. In a discussion, the most constructive behaviour for you is to focus on all that is progressive, innovative, contains something innovative and to give way to everything that has a reformist spirit. Pay most attention to such ideas and put something similar into your views so that you are heard. Try to maintain a friendly spirit, perceive the people around you as friends, free yourself from any bias, do not put restrictions and limits on yourself. Concentrate on issues that affect the future, in terms of how to achieve progress, introduce new interests and bet on future prospects.
Ascendant in Cancer
The ninth house falls in Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. In a discussion, the most constructive behaviour for you is to give priority to everyone else to express his or her ideas and opinions. You should hear all viewpoints and see where they intersect, and join the discussion with something like a summary rather than by exposing concrete ideas or opinions. Try to approach differences in a philosophical and condescending manner. Concentrate on extracting the essence of discussions and participating in them as someone who gathers the different parts of a puzzle. Actively participate with opinions when it comes to charitable activities and necessary sacrifices for the sake of further development.
Ascendant in Leo

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