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SYRIZA has a significant lead, according to a new poll

02 March 2014 / 15:03:20  GRReporter
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A new poll shows that SYRIZA has a significant lead over New Democracy both for the European and the parliamentary elections. The difference between the two parties is 5 points for the parliamentary elections and 4.8 points for the European elections.

Palmos Analysis, carried out for, shows that SYRIZA has the support of 19.9% of voters for the European elections and New Democracy - 16.1%.

Golden Dawn is next with 11%, the Communist Party - 3.4%, PASOK - 3.5%, Independent Greeks - 2.4%, LAOS - 1.5%, the Greens environmentalists - 1.1% and Democratic Left – 1.2%. 4.8% of respondents prefer another party and 4.7% did not answer the question. 18.2% have not yet decided for whom to vote.

For the national elections, SYRIZA would get 25.1%, New Democracy - 20.1%, Golden Dawn – 10.1%, Independent Greeks - 1% -3.5%, the Communist Party - 3.8% and PASOK - 3.5%.

The Democratic Left party would remain below the 3% limit (1.9%), as well as the Green environmentalists (1.1%) and Laos (1.3%).

13% of respondents have not decided whom they will support, while 7.2% will not vote.

Meanwhile, at the founding Congress of the United Left in Slovenia, SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras said that the overall goal of the Left is to pull Europe out of the darkness of neoliberalism. According to him, it is the duty of the United Left, SYRIZA, the Party of the European Left, and all democratic and progressive social, and political forces.

"In May, in less than 90 days, it is up to us to vote for the Left and in this way throw them in the bin as useless historical waste," said Tsipras, stressing that this was the answer to neoliberal zombies who produce corruption, poverty and unemployment.

Europe has sacrificed Greece

In his speech, Tsipras stressed that Europe has sacrificed Greece in order to save banks. He said that the political status quo in Europe did not want to restructure Greek debt, because this would result in European banks paying for excessive risk-taking in Greek bonds. Instead, they chose to create an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Greece in a period of peace, just to save the "casino" type capitalism in Europe. And in this way they forced taxpayers from the south to pay for bank profits to the north.

The South is a victim

According to him, now they are rejecting the direct recapitalization of banks by the European Stability Mechanism, because they prefer to lend to governments so that they can rescue failed banks in each country. In this way they force taxpayers from the south to finance banks of the north, i.e. the south pays for the banking system across Europe and this cannot continue anymore.

A movie with a known end

“Looking at Slovenia from the perspective of a Greek, it seems that I am watching a movie with a known end,” said Tsipras and explained that the end was the Troika and the memorandum. "Slovenia is going down the slippery slope of Greece. And the privatization of 15 major state-owned companies will only lead to the deprivation of the state of future revenues. This will not stop the banking crisis which slowly but steadily will become an issue of public debt, "said Tsipras.

The only solution is the Left

According to SYRIZA's leader, in order to avoid this, Europe must “turn left” in May.

Tsipras’s motives for his candidacy for the European Commission

According to Tsipras, he ran for president of the European Commission on behalf of the European left for the following reasons:

- to put an end to poverty

- to control social processes and trends revived by nationalist movements and xenophobia, as well as right populism and extremism

- to reunite nations divided by neoliberalism

- to build the broadest possible political alliance against poverty

- to promote solidarity of young women and men, workers, pensioners and unemployed in Europe against the solidarity of capital. This is the only type of solidarity which can break the North-South division.

Tsipras aims at:

  • The immediate cancellation of the memorandum;
  • An Official European Central Bank which should act as a lender of last resort, not only for banks but also for states;
  • Effective European legislation which levies international financial and business activities.

"The European Union will be democratic or it will not exist"

Tsipras sent yet another message - that the European Union will either become democratic or it will not exist.

About Ukraine

Speaking about the events in Ukraine, SYRIZA's leader said that once again it is clear that the greatest threat to democracy is the rise of fascism.

The events in Ukraine will have to wake up every citizen of Ukraine, said Tsipras and stressed that it is unacceptable and dangerous that the European political status quo tolerates the rise of the neo-Nazi "Right sector" to power.

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