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20 October 2014 / 04:10:38
The bottom of the Aegean Sea hides more secrets of the story of the Parthenon marbles stolen by Lord Elgin.
The Macedonian tomb in Xanthi...
What comes into our lives for free...
Alexander the Great in a rock mood...
Young red-haired Persephone shines...
Wreckage adrift
Hello, music fans. As always we gather together on Friday to see what kind of tunes surprises our favourite GRR HOT 15 has for us. And it is ... 
GRReporter | 17:03 | 11 03 11 |

Accidental events in life are regularities in it or what we call fate. These are the rules to which the human life is a subject 
GRReporter | 21:03 | 05 03 11 |

Hello, music lovers. At the beginning of the most womanly month of the year we meet again to dance and sing with our favorite GRR HOT 15. And that ... 
GRReporter | 16:03 | 05 03 11 |

Loukas Giorkas’s song "Watch my dance", which combines the heavy Greek traditional dance zembekiko with hip-hop got carte blanche for the 56th... 
GRReporter | 21:03 | 04 03 11 |

In this article I will tell you what are the "climate" peculiarities of the period between March 1st and 15th and who will be affected. 
GRReporter | 11:02 | 27 02 11 |

Hello, music fans, It’s Friday again and we will spend some time with our favourite GRR HOT 15 again. This week’s chart promises us much of а variety, many changes and of course, lots of good music ... 
GRReporter | 00:02 | 26 02 11 |

The man's face is a part, which is always visible and on display in every situation. This is the first thing we pay attention to when meeting someone. 
GRReporter | 15:02 | 20 02 11 |

For everybody is relevant the subject of trust and support. If this subject is in some way brought up in your life, do not pass it by.  
GRReporter | 23:02 | 12 02 11 |

Regardless of the age, it is likely that almost all will experience a very deep need to be part of a community, to have access to a certain group of... 
GRReporter | 18:01 | 29 01 11 |

Hello, music fans. As we know very well, our favourite GRR HOT 15 always tries to present the latest and fresh new melodies. And while the last week ... 
GRReporter | 16:02 | 18 02 11 |

The artist Klaus Pfeiffer lifts the veil of mental patients killed by the fascist regime in Germany 
GRReporter | 16:02 | 10 02 11 |

Full of pain are the eighty graphics by the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, which are arranged in the private museum Iraklidon within the... 
GRReporter | 16:02 | 07 02 11 |