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15 February 2016 / 10:02:22
Nikos Kazantzakis' novel has a contemporary resonance in relation to the refugee crisis and other problems of our time, said director Thodoris Papadoulakis.
Plato’s "Republic", the most...
The Greek art on a visit to Venice
Ancient Greeks were a step away...
Minoan ship off the coast of Asia...
February is the month of enhanced...
Sophocle’s tragedy comes to life in modern version directed by Frank McGuinnes at the National Theatre in London. 
GRReporter | 21:10 | 17 10 08 |

His "Medea(2)" - emotional, exquisite and tragic enchants the Athenian modern ballet fans. 
GRReporter | 15:10 | 10 10 08 |

Everything is ready for "the move of the century," all global media eyes are on the Parthenon, "the New Acropolis Museum changed my understanding of... 
GRReporter | 16:10 | 16 10 07 |

The transportation of the sculptures and the bas-reliefs from the temple of Athena Parthenos to the New Acropolis Museum started. The whole moving... 
GRReporter | 17:10 | 14 10 07 |

The star from "My big fat Greek wedding" is once again partnering Ton Hanks' production company in a comedy, which will be finished in Greece and... 
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