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Intimate revelations of late Nikos Sergianopoulos

11 October 2009 / 10:10:19  GRReporter
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Shocking details of the Greek actor Nikos Sergianopoulos’s love life were revealed during his murder lawsuit. As GRReporter has already informed you, the famous actor was found dead in his home on June 4, 2008, lethally stabbed 8 times. Two months later the police detained the 30 years’ old Georgian David Murdzikneli as a major defendant for the murder of Sergianopoulos. The two met two days before the crime and had sexual affair.

First to testify before the court was the Egyptian Mohamed Giur. “Nikos Sergianopoulos saw me on the street in Athens and told me to get in his car. He nearly hit me. He was nervous. I told him I didn’t want to get in his car but he insisted, promising that I would have a good time. In his car we had a sexual interaction. He asked for my phone number. We met number of times for the next year and a half. He would constantly call me on my phone” said the Egyptian. Answering a question by the judge, he said he has never seen Sergianopoulos aggressive. “25 days before the murder, our relationship ended. I would go to his house once a month. Once he made me take cocaine in order to feel more pleasure during the sexual intercourse, which lasted for between an hour and a half and two hours,” the witness went on.

At this moment, one of the defense lawyers left the hall in sign of protest against the question, which he considered to be of highly intimate details. The questions however, did not cease. Mohamed Giur admitted that in Sergianopoulos’s apartment there were different accessories they used during sexual contacts. He emphasized on maintaining the sexual contact against his will, since the deceased was very insistent. “He would give me 70 euro each time. Sometimes he didn’t have change and I would just leave. Once he made me go to the pharmacy and buy Viagra,” added Giur.

The actor and script-writer Aleksandros Rigas, a long-time friend of Sergianopoulos, also testified before the court. He said he met Nikos when he was experiencing alcohol problems. At this point he hadn’t started using drugs. Rigas found out about the drugs at the day Sergianopoulos was arrested. “He was afraid to go to jail. For a long time I only knew his good side. We were really good friends, with a close connection between us. While we were in the same crowd I could see how much everyone loved him. I had great respect for him,” tells Aleksandros Rigas. (On New Year’s Eve Nikos Sergianopoulos was arrested with small quantities of cocaine in his car, but later released after it was found out that the drug was for personal use.) Asked if the victim has ever made him a sexual proposal, and despite the judge’s prohibition to answer, Rigas whispered “No.”

The third witness to testify was the actor’s cleaning lady, who was the first one to discover the body. “I entered the house at 8:40 A.M. and I was stunned. It looked like there has been a bombing. I started calling him “Mr. Nikos, Mr. Nikos.” I looked for him in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Then I saw the horrible view. He was an angel. He has never offended me. He has never hurt anyone. He was very gentle. I thought of him as a father” said the witness. The woman said that after finding the dead body she called the police and the actor’s friend Makis Provatas. Asked if she had witnessed the actor taking drugs, she answered: “No, but I have seen white powder in the apartment a lot of times. He was taking sleeping pills in order to quit drugs. I was telling him to stop. He told me he was gay. He was an amazing person.”

Last to testify was the policeman Petros Tatsis, who saw the CD with the footage of Sergianopoulos entering a coffee shop on “Vouliagmeny” Avenue two days prior to the murder in order to pay the check for another man, who was shopping before him. “I saw the video, the man and Sergianopoulos were together and I am 99 per cent convinced that the man was the defendant,” said the policeman. The defense is controverting the credibility of the witness.

The actor’s murder lawsuit proceeds.  

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