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Inevitable changes in life

11 September 2015 / 10:09:11  GRReporter
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Everything in life changes sooner or later. Heraclitus expressed perhaps the essence of life: Panta rhei or everything flows, everything is constantly changing and nothing remains the same. Very often, the people who seek my advice ask me, "Is this change for better?" I always say that there is no bad change, because everything in life changes and trying to stop change is like trying to stop life.

Today's article is about how we react to changes, how we accept them. There are changes that we ourselves want and make. There are changes that we do not want. Some changes create more difficult conditions and others make our lives easier. Nevertheless, the beginning is always the most difficult, because a change, even desirable, even if it is bringing something better than what we have, means leaving your comfort zone. Changes in life are inevitable and it is good to know how to handle them with ease when they are knocking on the door.

In astrology, the sign of Scorpio and its corresponding eighth house in the horoscope are associated with irreversible changes. This is the house of radical transformations. According to tradition, its definition is the "house of death". Do not take this definition literally. What are those things that make us feel like the irrevocable end is coming, after which nothing is the same? They are the unexpected and unplanned events that overturn our life. The eighth house is the house that puts an end to something in order to give birth to something new. That is the zone where we are deprived of comfort and find ourselves in conditions that put an end to various old patterns of life, by personal wish or compulsorily. So as not to give the impression that this is a "terrible and dreadful" house I will mention that very often some of the most pleasant things happen just because something puts an end to the old surroundings in which we have lived.

The sign that falls in the eighth house in the personal horoscope and the planet that rules that sign are the main factors that define our perception of radical changes in life, our response to them and how we take them.

Further on in the article I will give information according to the sign of the ascendant and the Moon sign. The Moon is extremely important for our receptive attitudes in relation to how we react to the world around us. The eighth house counting from the sign of the Moon in the personal horoscope gives information mainly on the instinctive emotional reaction to life's changes. While the eighth house counting from the ascendant gives information on what we do to be able to accept a change.

Ascendant or Moon in Aries
The eighth house falls in Scorpio and is ruled by Mars and Pluto. For better or worse, radical changes often come in your life and overturn everything. You respond very intensively, putting all your power in the changes, even somehow surpassing yourself. You fight to the end for or against the change - to prevent it if you do not want it or to achieve it if desired. You demonstrate great composure and have a strong instinct with regard to dangerous and critical situations. To accept the inevitable changes follow your innate survival instinct - it will show you when, how and what to fight and what to ignore. Use someone else’s resources - emotional, intellectual, material.

Ascendant or Moon in Taurus
The eighth house falls in Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter. You respond with huge internal optimism to inevitable changes, even if you are filled with pessimism on the surface. The belief that every change is a step forward is what helps you the most to manage, especially when you are faced with unwanted changes. You are open to life's changes in general, you know how to allow them in your life with ease. To cope more easily with inevitable and difficult changes, go on a journey to an unknown place, visit a temple/monastery, a religious place or meet people who are totally unknown to you, for example foreigners or people whom you have never met.

Ascendant or Moon in Gemini
The eighth house falls in Taurus and is ruled by Saturn. You are a very conservative person and accepting changes in life, whether desirable or not, requires a great effort from you. Due to your strong inner fear to leave what is safe and secure, sometimes you are ready to postpone things, even if you know that a change will bring much better living conditions. To cope more easily with inevitable changes that do not depend on you, stick to established norms and traditions, do not stop working, contact people whom you respect and whom you consider authorities. Spend some time in solitude in a deserted place.

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