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The homes - part 3

14 August 2010 / 16:08:08  GRReporter
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Author: Galy

 So far I acquainted you with the basic values of their homes. This article I will present to you the innate nature, the type of energy which the different homes have. And this energy is actually the base for the different basic characteristics.

I will use a concept that has remained in the Indian astrology, and in the west was apparently pushed somewhere and completely forgotten today. This concept is briefly called "The four main ambition in human life".

The desire is a key principle and is fundamental to human life. All human actions – fine and elegant to coarse and vulgar, selfish or altruistic, are motivated by a wish, by some desire. The actions following the desires are divided into four categories, or are the four human ambitions:

    * Homes 1-5-9 - home of dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit term which translated means "what you are called upon". Every living creature on earth has its place in the puzzle that ensures harmony in the universe. Dharma of the sun is to shine and to donate heat, light and life. Dharma of the river is to run and to water. Dharma is part of life that can not be ignored, nor corrected.

    * Homes 2-6-10 - homes of arta. Arta in translation means "wealth, resources, achievement" - what is necessary to maintain life.

    * Homes 3-7-11 - homes of kama. Kama translated means "desire, to achieve what you are striving for".

    * Homes 4-8-12 - homes of moksha. Moksha translated means "release, freedom from slavery; end"

Have a look at the following picture, which reflects the sun's daily path:

At sunrise, there is a symbolic "birth". A new life has been born. 10th home is the peak of this life, the maximum. 7th home is the sunset, after which life slowly begins to go. 4th home is the end. After it begin the preparations for the new birth.

Immediately after its rise the Sun begins its transition through the 12th home. From an astronomical point of view, the Sun is extremely impressive sight exactly at the time of the sunrise, because there is a dramatic contrast between the darkness of the night, which has already passed and the coming light of the day. One-two hours after sunrise, however, this impressive view is already gone, the contrast has disappeared - the sun is no longer such an impressive sight nor are the light and the emitted energy as strong.

In this regard, the 12th home is quite interesting because it is a "hidden" home, it is associated with separation, loss, escape. However it is in the area which is said to be public, the sun is already visible.

My personal opinion is that at the step of this home, one loses most of all himself, his ego-feeling at the expense of the world around him. One loses his personal space, his introvertness, his subjectivity, his independence, which are defined by the bottom half, where the sun is invisible between its sunset and sunrise. It is no accident that we often see politicians and public figures with strongly expressed 12th home. The world just does not see them, but some images, they don’t have a well structured personal space, anyone can invade it. And they often suffer because of this.

The same happens with the 8th home, which again is in the public part of the horoscope.

 There are different divisions in categories of the homes. I will write some of them:

The cardinal homes

1st/7th - Asc / Dsc

4th/10th - IC / MC

This is the fundamental cross in the horoscope, its basis. These homes are like pillars. And when they are very well and strongly placed, then the entire horoscope is on solid footing. Planets in these homes are strong because they are in dominant areas which define the turning points in the course of the sun – sunrise, daily climax, sunset, the lowest point. Each good doing planet in these homes is a signal for the general protection - health, progress in life, positive nature. Maleficent planets in the "fundamentals" are a sign of upheaval in life, various negative traits of character that lead to conflicts. But this does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing. Under the meaning of the natural harmony, everything has its meaning and utility.

The trigonal homes

1st, 5th and 9th - are related to the unconscious, instinctive actions over which one does not think. The artist does not think about how to move the brush on the canvas, he does it instinctively and focuses on the picture in his mind. The cardinal are associated with the deliberate actions, with the initiative. When there is agreement between the conscious and unconscious actions this leads to maximum beneficial results. The trigonal homes provide the luck, the happy "coincidences", the goods in life, what brings the greatest benefit to man.

The fixed homes where things are preserved and stabilized

2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th

These homes give durability, stability and security.

Falling Homes

3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th

These homes provide the connections - they show the transition, there is motion in them and a retreat from what has already happened. When something is achieved, one must continue to something else, he can not remain stagnant.

 'Suffering' homes

6th, 8th and 12th

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