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The homes - part 3

14 August 2010 / 16:08:08  GRReporter
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These homes are transient, they show the need for some change. They are close to the first and seventh homes, ie sunrise and sunset. They usually require a change through some difficulty. Why do homes around the 4th and 10th do not have such a meaning? Because changes in visibility (and hence power) of the Sun are less extreme.

 In the first part related to the home, I mentioned that there are secondary meanings for each home. How are they derived?

Every home in the horoscope can be placed on an ascendant. For example, when looking at the financial security, then the second home is placed on the ascendant and is considered first. From this position the first home of the horoscope becomes the 12th for the second home. The meaning of the 12th home is a loss, separation, release. Which means that the resource of the 2nd home is lost and is directed primarily at maintaining the life of the man (first home). And if the manager of the second home of the horoscope is in the first home, in a simple language this means that the costs and the loss of resources will be primarily for personal needs, to maintain the special physical form, particular behavior, environment, etc.. The body, behavior, vision, the way in which man appears before the world, are considered to be particularly valuable and it is a resource.

12th home of the horoscope, however, is 11th to the second home. The meaning of 11th home is a benefit, profit, success (in any sense). As a standard 12th home is the home of the loss, separation, and will probably have a loss. But as related to the second home, this is the 11th. Therefore, the manager of the second home, located in the 12th, will rather be a positive sign for man - he will manage to achieve the desired, to achieve success and other benefits (tangible and intangible) to add to his resources.

In a similar way the 8th home, counted from any home will define how long will the things, symbolized by it live. For example, in the seventh home is the marriage . If we count eight homes we will get to the second home in the horoscope. Thus according to the 2nd home, the planets in it and those who aspect it, we can make conclusions about how long will "live" the marriage of man, what vitality it has.

 Now I will give an answer following the example that I gave:

The sun as a manager of the sign Leo, manages also the 12th home of the horoscope. It is positioned in the 11th home. What does this mean?

Each planet has a tendency to concentrate and focus on the objectives of the home, which it occupies dragging behind its whole arsenal for which it is responsible, ie the homes it manages, as well as the things to which it is a natural significator *.

 * Natural signifikcator - every planet itself, no matter where it is situatied within the horoscope, manages certain things in life, for example the moon is a natural significator of the mother and this has nothing to do with, which home the Moon stands in or which home it manages. The natural significance is also part of the tasks of a given planet.

The sun is the center of the solar system, as the spirit is the heart of our microcosm, our own universe. So the home in which the Sun is located is the place around which revolves all our creative energy, the purpose of our existence.

In this connection, on the one hand the position of Sun in 11th home will define that the most important thing in life will be goals, achievements, aspirations, different ways of earning and success, the involvement in various social groups. While many of the astrological texts relate the Sun in the 11th home with humanity, ability to highly appreciate the people and placing them above everything, this humanity has as a root the satisfying of own desires and goals. 11th home is the peak of personal desires of the man, the greatest temptations. Sometimes they are very self-centered and the strive for success is at all costs - no forbidden means.

The "tasks" of the Sun in our example are related to the 12th home. They are associated with a certain type of "release" from different things. Each planet in the 11th home, however, has a tendency to abundance, accomplishment of various goals and desires and through visible achievements. The sun here is focused on bringing abundance and benefits associated with everything that the 12th home represents. For example, benefits from the various vices and entertainments of people, to escape from the reality, benefits from the various institutions which are referred to, benefits from distant countries, fixed investment, charitable causes.

Why do I mention more benefit than abundance of "loses"? This option also exists - a man's life to be full with abudnace and benefits of losses and costs of various nature. There will probably be those too.

But! There is a piece of subtlety here, which I wrote about above. When considering the manager of a home it is better to take into consideration in which home it stands. In this case the 11th home is 12th from 12th. In a simple language that sounds like: "loss of the losses, end of the losses". Planets that lie at the 6th, 8th and 12th homes from any home, are unfavorable to its deeds. From this follows that the position of the sun as the manager of the 12th home stops the losses - they turn into benefits.

In the articles on aspects between planets I discussed the issue, that in addition to the real nature of the planets, they also receive a temporary status "good doers" or "evildoers". This depends on the homes, which each planet manages. In the next article I will write about this issue.

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