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Behest of blood

23 September 2014 / 07:09:55  GRReporter
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Recently my friend who is a psychologist told me about research called transgenerational links. According to them, each of us is connected with certain generic events, brings some ancestral heredity and experiences something that has a root somewhere in the distant past of some of our ancestors. Of course, I immediately made a ​​connection with astrology and the personal horoscope because in the astrological language this is called ancestral heredity or what we carry from our maternal and paternal lines, such as abilities, events that we repeat and experience even though in a different way . This is the "behest" of blood.

Today's article is about the generic inheritance in our lives, what fortune we inherit from the maternal and paternal line. In most cases, these are events that are more specific and are often a problem area with which we must deal. Generally, when a child in born in a family under a certain zodiac sign, it has a specific energy and a specific task in the generic line - to fulfil a specific role in relation to maternal and paternal kin.

The Sun in the horoscope is associated with the life energy that we carry, the individual spirit and consciousness, it is our Self, and what we can create in life. It also reflects the male archetype in our lives, the father figure in our lives, and what we inherit genetically from the paternal line. The Sun in the horoscope plays an important role in determining heredity we bear from paternal line - what we inherit as qualities and abilities from the family of our fathers, and what purpose should we achieve according to the "behest of our fathers".

When we count the tenth sign from the Sun, we will get to a certain zodiac sign. For example, if you were born under the sign of Gemini, the tenth sign after it is Pisces. The position of this sign shows what heredity you have from the paternal line. I guess you will ask yourself why count down to the tenth sign. The circle of the zodiac signs starts with Aries - this is the first sign, the sign of beginning, the symbolic sunrise in life. The highest point is determined by the Tenth sign - Capricorn. It symbolizes the peak in life, what we aspire to achieve, what is our best achievement that makes us climb one step higher. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is most closely related to our tasks in life. Therefore, when we determine what tasks we carry from the paternal line, it is necessary to report the tenth sign of the sun in the personal horoscope.

Regarding maternal heredity horoscope is considered in a similar way, but for a reference point we use the moon, as the female archetype in our lives is affected by it. This is the figure of the mother and maternal genetic heritage line. The tenth sign counted from the Moon shows what we inherit as native capabilities from our mother, and what tasks we have from our ancestors in this line.

The way tasks are accomplished in life is determined by that house of the horoscope in which the tenth sign of the sun or moon falls. For example, if you were born with the Sun in Aries, the tenth sign is Capricorn. This suggests that by the paternal line your task is to achieve a higher public and social growth, to gain recognition. If the Sun in Aries is in the 10th house (i.e. your ascendant is Cancer), then Capricorn covers the seventh house in your horoscope. This means that you realize growth and achievement of recognition mainly by your life partners, who are people with a good position in society. The task you have by the paternal line to achieve growth happens this way rather than through personal professional achievements.

Read the information I give to get a more complete picture. In connection with the above example the following picture is formed: your solar sign is Aries. Read the information about the Sun in Aries to find out what you carry from the paternal line. The Sun is in the 10th house. Read the information about the Sun in the 10th house to find the way you achieve the objectives from the paternal line.

In terms of maternal heredity proceed in the same way, only the Moon sign is taken into account.

Sun or Moon in Aries (Sun or Moon in the 1st house)

The tenth sign is Capricorn and your primary hereditary theme is related to growth, achieving a higher social level, the pursuit of substantial professional growth, gaining some recognition. We can safely use the word careerism (in the sense of striving to rise in society), the ambition to grow primarily socially and professionally. In your family maybe someone was stopped, failed to rise, was not recognized or has been dropped from "high". Your ancestral task is to experience this failure and to stand up for it, to create a stable higher social position, to raise your family to the next step.

According to the position of the house: The tenth sign covers 10th house in the horoscope, which is a sign that the way to elevate your family, to gain some recognition is through personal and professional career growth. To work as a professional in a specific area and thus to get a special place in your family.

Sun or Moon in Taurus (Sun or Moon in the 2nd house)

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