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August will awaken the creative genius for redistribution of earthly goods

01 August 2013 / 17:08:05  GRReporter
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In this article I will present to you the astrological picture for the period from 1 – 31 August. As usual, I will start with the general situation and will make the individual forecasts afterwards.

In the previous article I informed you that the first half of July was charged with life outside the normal rhythm and with the apparent chaos on the surface, the aim of which was to bring some type of rearrangement to find ourselves where we belong. I assumed that these would be days of extremes because of the final retrograde phase of Mercury that started on 27 June and continued to 20 July. Usually the periods of these phases of Mercury are days when we dig back in time - ideologically, mentally and communicatively - and things that are important but have not been noticed come to the fore.

Mercury's retrograde phase as well as the new moon in July took place in a section the symbol of which is associated with renovation, fertility and the safe course of all ongoing processes. This period is exceptionally favourable for circumstances like "Let us start again, let us restart things. Let us go back and start from the starting point." This affects things that have failed the first time. The time was suitable for resuming what was once ruined but is now right in front of your eyes, since such moments are rare in the cosmic order.

The second half of the month brought a strong impetus to find the best - a man, project, place, etc. - and to focus on it. These were productive days and they clarified the circumstances around you. In social terms, I expected that things would subside, chaotic situations here and there around the world would settle down and it would be the turn of "essential things" and of drawing up plans.

July was supposed to bring some of the biggest changes in our lives - directly for some and indirectly for others. A very important period that started after 10 March came to an end. A new direction in any area of life would gradually form in this period and would be relevant over the next 20 years.

What do planetary configurations in August show?

The last days of July supposed a change in "the lens" - a change in the focus and in what we see around us. The decors and actors on our "scene" are being changed. The new theme that will develop over the next three months is transformation, renewal and success. Success is a particularly distinctive topic in terms of initiatives. In practice, success can only be achieved if there are no pre-conditions, negotiations and preparation. But something very strange will happen - only spontaneous moments will be successful; moments in which we feel like giving up and accept what is offered without reservations, negotiations or prior plans.

In practice, we will face situations in which extensive negotiations and plans will eventually fail. Someone around us is making sudden decisions which are somehow illogical and unexpected, contrary to everything that has been discussed. Or we ourselves will do this – we will make decisions that are highly spontaneous and strange even to ourselves. I advise you to pay attention to what people define as ridiculous and impossible to happen, because you'll see it happen eventually. Old people say: "Never say never."

Pay particular attention to all financial and material matters. It is highly likely that you will get involved in suspicious transactions. August is the month when many important financial steps are expected in the world of banks, markets and funds. Some of these steps may not be particularly ethical and moral. Huge capitals will change their owners, while others will disappear without a trace. The "creative" genius for redistribution of earthly goods is vigorously awakening.

In August, serious political conflicts and scandals may break out across the world. Although August is considered to be a month of "holidays," I do not expect that it will be suitable for relaxation in terms of personal events and social perspectives. I think that it will be one of the busiest months for political, business and state elites.

Our emotional world will also undergo profound changes. Almost everybody’s intimate relationships will be very uneasy and hesitant. A "flood" of disappointment in love and drastic changes in intentions will be observed. People may experience very extreme emotional reactions of the type “we were good friends until yesterday, but we are now enemies” and vice versa. I also expect floods in the literal sense across the world, as well as spills of poisons and chemicals.

I will now specify how August will affect the various sectors of the zodiac - what topics will be stimulated, what type of events you could expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.

Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December – 9 January

August is expected to be easier for you compared to the quite dramatic period which you have been experiencing, since it is associated with success and support. The most active and hot topic for you mainly includes relationships in the professional and social sphere. But your personal relationships can be tense, too. You will find enough well-wishers and friendly people in your environment who will assist you in troubled times. You will be pleasantly surprised even by people whom you considered unreliable. You can expect a lot of good times especially if you make a trip or meet people who come from far away.

10 January – 22 January

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