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August will awaken the creative genius for redistribution of earthly goods

01 August 2013 / 17:08:05  GRReporter
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August is expected to be a busy month for you, since you will encounter situations and circumstances in which you will have to overcome something. You can expect more intense moments associated with your colleagues at work, everyday life and responsibilities. This is the hottest topic for the month. Your progress is a little bit hampered and you may experience losses. In your private and intimate life, you can expect sudden twists, but a happy ending for you. You will be thinking of making changes in your home, family and children.

23 January – 4 February

August is expected to be easier for you compared to July, although the main issue remains - difficulties associated with positions, prestige and some type of power, competition, rivalry, a lot of movement and harder working conditions. The focus this month will be on relationships (especially the ones at home and your close circle) and doing some improvements in order to be able to implement something started. You may also destroy some professional contacts and business partnerships. Your personal relationships and new contracts in the social and professional sphere are an area of successful ventures.

5 February – 17 February

In August, you will continue dealing with some matters related to finance, resources and material possessions. You may experience new things which you will have to get used to, despite your unwillingness or which you will have to remove from your path. The hottest topic of the month is associated with initiatives and your environment, neighbours and relatives. Beware of injuries or ill-considered actions that could harm you. In mental and physical terms, the month is full of movement and nervousness. You may experience misunderstandings in your personal life.

18 February – 3 March

You can expect more new things around you in August. Your professional capabilities, realisation, public image and personal situation are undergoing some changes. The focus this month will be on prestige, power and position. And the hottest topic is related to finances and material possessions. Tension is also possible. In terms of your family, you will want (or because of external reasons) some kind of separation and your inner comfort will be slightly disturbed. You may travel to new places on an unusual occasion.

4 March – 16 March

For you, August may not be easy, but surely everything will be worth it in the long run. Some of you may face competition and rivalry, disagreements and disappointments, and this will often be combined with restrictions and separation from certain people. You are still in a position for new opportunities and new doors will open for you, while some of the old ones are closing. The people and environment around you will change and you will probably undertake some different social and community activities. The hottest topic of the month will be your work and commitments imposed in one way or another. Beware of the risk of damaging your image.

17 March – 30 March

August will be positive for you. You will experience circumstances that are very beneficial primarily in terms of your social circle and success in life. The focus this month will be on taking new responsibilities and material initiatives in life. Your family, finances and available resources will be on the agenda. Some of you may decide on an important step, such as marriage or establishment of business partnerships. There may be some quite "hot" days in terms of your circle of friends and you may put an end to a relationship. However, fate will compensate you with a new relationship almost immediately.

31 March – 12 April

In August, you still tend to feel hampered and in difficulty. Prospects for the future are worrying you. There will be a lot of tension for you. The focus is primarily on work activity and occupation with things that you are expected to do, whether you like it or not. Do not postpone things, since August is a good time in terms of work and success. The hottest topic of the month is related to your career and social status. If you need some help, you will get it easily even from strangers.

13 April – 26 April

For you, August is a month of achievements and realisation. You will have a strong impetus to accomplish your goals. Your efforts will bring satisfactory results. Just do not expect quick results. Your relationships with others, especially with a partner (business or personal) are very important. You can expect important decisions in terms of partnerships, since your better and more productive life depends on them. You will be focused on your desires, comfort and pleasure. The hottest topic of the month is associated with unexpected events related to finances, inheritances and costs.

27 April – 10 May

August will be a busy month for you again. You can expect obstacles, disappointments and inability to make plans. You will encounter people who are more hostile than willing to help you. It is good to know that sometimes it is better not to force events, because there is time for everything. The hottest topic of the month will be related to your relationships with others. You may experience conflicts, but the good news is that these will eventually be important lessons for you. Your focus will be on achievements and your professional performance, as well as on education and career.

11 May – 23 May

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