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Archive - Apr 16, 2014

The mysterious ladies in luxury jeeps return to the central covered market in Athens

16 April 2014 / 17:04:52  
They spent 50,000 euro to provide the poorest consumers with everything they need for the festive table.

The most controversial museum in Bulgaria

16 April 2014 / 17:04:38  
Starting today and for a few weeks Polina Spartyanova will introduce you to the monuments of Bulgaria's socialist past by recalling their former glory and informing you on their present unenviable condition.

Every crucial battle in the Greek War of Independence involved Bulgarians

16 April 2014 / 14:04:15  
Volunteers from all over Bulgaria set off to the south to take part in the battles against the common enemy, the Ottoman Empire, knowing that, in this way, they would help their own homeland too.

Cost of Easter in Bulgaria and Greece

16 April 2014 / 13:04:14  
What is the cost of the holiday in the two countries?

Greek and Turkish fighter planes in the skies over the Aegean Sea

16 April 2014 / 10:04:30  
Four Turkish fighters and one helicopter that had taken off from a military aircraft carrier violated the Greek airspace.