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Archive - Mar 28, 2014

Greece’s current President as a senior representative of the policy that produces debts and dependencies

28 March 2014 / 16:03:40  
Four years after the collapse of the country, he is not at all aware of the root causes that have led to it, once again misleading the Greek people, as stated by journalist Christos Katiforis.

The digitization of media continues with kicks, yells and screams

28 March 2014 / 14:03:10  
The availability of content from professional media, user feedback, and a machine-generated content in addition to all this, produces the explosive effect of a successful media.

This is the Bulgarian woman, who killed her child with boiling water

28 March 2014 / 10:03:42  
The prosecutor’s office in Iraklio has launched legal proceedings for murder and possible fraud against the parents of the two-and-a-half-year-old boy, whom they themselves had taken dead to the medical centre in Moires.

Fish Roe Salad and Black-eyed Bean Salad

28 March 2014 / 08:03:32  
Healthy, tasty Lenten salads...