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Where to spend our vacation based on our horoscope

19 May 2012 / 12:05:39  GRReporter
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Summer is coming - the season of holidays, vacations, fun. Almost everyone has been preparing for the summer vacation for a whole year and the memories that remain are carefully kept in the form of photos, videos and stories. Everybody is looking for the best way to spend his or her holiday. Different people have different understanding of what a nice vacation means. The most important thing for any vacation, however, is how and where to spend it. And it does not matter how much money we spent, whether it was abroad or not. What really matters is to tell ourselves, when it is over, that we spent a wonderful vacation.

In today's article, I will tell you how we choose the destination for our next vacation based on the personal horoscope. Are we fans of constant change, distant places, more exotic or classic, sea, mountains, densely populated areas or those that have been preserved almost as nature made them?

Venus in the horoscope shows what we are attracted to, what we consider as satisfying and the ways and means by which we try to find and get satisfaction. Therefore, based on its position, we can see what we would prefer to do when on a vacation. What of all the opportunities we have will attract us the most so that we will want it? The Moon does show if we will ultimately get the satisfaction, we are searching for.

The purpose of my article is related to the geographic location of the places in the world and this is not so closely associated with the planets in the personal horoscope but with the signs of the Zodiac. Planets are subjective perceptions. But the country Italy, which we would choose for our vacation, is already associated with the position of a specific zodiac sign in our horoscope.

The Ascendant was once called the "East" in the horoscope. This was its original name. Why was that? For the Sun, the most important light for our existence here on earth, rises from the east. It brings life, brings prosperity and welfare. The Ascendant in the horoscope shows where this prosperity actually enters our lives, where our life begins. Similarly, the remaining signs represent all geographic points.

The image at the beginning of the article shows how the geographical points enter the horoscope. The sign of your birthday Ascendant is always your personal "East," which defines the other directions - North, West, South. This scheme determines where to set off, in which geographic areas to spend our vacation and rest.

The South-southeast direction is the best harmony for us when we want to find relaxation, pleasure, happiness and fun. It is covered by the fifth house in the horoscope, counted from the Ascendant or the sign of the Sun. The sign in the fifth house of the horoscope shows us what type of geographical locations will make us feel the best; where we will have fun and be filled with inner satisfaction. It is based on the sign of the Sun and the individual Ascendant, which symbolize your personal "East". Then, we must find the intersection.

Now I will tell you about the typical places associated with the zodiac sign symbolizing vacations, holidays and fun. The descriptions will also include the geographical destinations associated with this sign, as any country in the world is categorized under the control of one of the zodiac signs. The locations described can be found in every corner of the world, but if you decide to visit a foreign country, you'll probably be surprised how many wonderful memories and satisfaction you could find in these countries.

Read the description of your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it. I should note that the sign of the Ascendant is generally more important than the Sun sign.

For the sign of Aries, the starting point is the sign of Leo, which is associated with higher areas such as mountainous, rocky areas, less accessible even in a symbolic sense - those for selected people and with less population. Moreover, it controls places where castles and fortresses exist or have existed. These places are characterized by the opportunities for lavish parties and luxury. The best destinations are France, Italy, Macedonia, Madagascar, Romania.

For Taurus, the starting point is the sign of Virgo, which is associated with low-lying plains. Locations where there are larger populations associated with crafts, gardens and production of basic foods; places distinguished by neatness, cleanliness and simplicity. The best destinations are Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil.

For Gemini, the starting point is the sign of Libra, which is associated with places filled with many shops, trade, markets, fairs, sales. Places that are known for their fashion industry or offer the best of it at least. Theatres, art galleries. The more noise and clamour the better. The best destinations are China, Japan, Argentina, Austria, Canada.

The starting point for Cancer is the sign of Scorpio, which is associated with places hidden from human sight, secret places, for which only a little is known. Closed places like bays and ponds around. The preferred option is seclusion offered by bungalows with private beaches or gardens as well as places satisfying the human weaknesses and passions. The most suitable destinations are Morocco, Norway, Syria, South Africa.

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