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Where ambition takes us

11 June 2015 / 11:06:26  GRReporter
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We all have the quality of being ambitious. Ambition has different dimensions and finds different applications. Sometimes we say that someone is not ambitious, but it is not true. It is just that this person is not ambitious for the same things that we strive to achieve. Ambition in different people is born under different conditions, it has a different intensity and it is directed to different purposes.

Today's article is about ambition. What motivates a person to manifest it and what awakens it, in which areas of life one has the strongest ambitions. Ambition means to have the will and courage to pursue a goal, to be stubborn and not to give up, to go forward despite all. Ambition is a product of one’s ego. Much of the popular teachings say that one has to get rid of one’s ego. It may be true to some extent but not totally. Maybe a person just has to harness his or her ego only where it will bring a result and not to use it for things with which he or she will be unable to cope.

The eleventh house in the personal horoscope is associated with progress, advancement, with what we have managed to achieve and materialize as a benefit. This is the area of ​ambitions, the result of the goals we set. It is also the house of friends, acquaintances, the social groups you join and of the people who protect and patronize you. Ambition, whatever it is, is always provoked from outside and therefore it is inextricably linked to the circle of people among whom a person lives. In addition to the eleventh house, ambition and will are connected with the planet Mars. In particular, the eleventh house is interpreted from the position of Mars in the horoscope. The latter is done according to the principle of thematic personal horoscopes.

I will write the information we derive from the zodiac sign in which the eleventh house falls in the horoscope. Since Mars is also important, the eleventh house considered from it is important as well. Make a combination of both, as the ascendant has priority over the circumstances and situations that direct and develop your ambition, whereas Mars is related to the very motivation, the spark that inspires you.

For example, the eleventh house for a person with ascendant Aries falls in Aquarius. This means that situations involving a friend or acquaintance form the ambition, for example, he or she has bought the latest car model or has found an uncommon occupation. If Mars is in Virgo, the eleventh house falls in Cancer. This means that the motivation, the spark that inspires you comes along with experiencing an emotion, with an unforgettable memory. In this example, your friend has given you his car to do a test drive or demonstrated to you what he has started doing, even if it is just a hobby.

Ascendant or Mars in Aries
The eleventh house falls in Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Your ambitions mainly form under the influence of your friends and your social circle. Friends are those who motivate you most strongly to pursue your goals to the end, especially when they are ahead of you in every sense, presenting you with challenges. Your motivation is to progress continuously, have one foot in the future, be aware of the latest developments that have not yet become popular. Your greatest ambitions are to create and maintain a circle of people around you that involves strong and prosperous persons who can help you for everything you might need.

Ascendant or Mars in Taurus
The eleventh house falls in Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Your ambitions form under the influence of some unlucky conditions, during a collision with something that is ending or that requires you to make a sacrifice. Your motivation is to find what is eternal, perfect, free from cares and problems, offering plenty of everything. Your greatest ambitions are related to building a perfect world in which you can live peacefully, in which there is nothing that could disturb you, a world of timelessness, peace and freedom in terms of your lifestyle.

Ascendant or Mars in Gemini
The eleventh house falls in Aries and is ruled Mars. Your ambitions form mainly when your self-respect and pride are provoked, and by your individuality, personality and ability to compete are challenged. Your motivation is to prove yourself as an independent person, everywhere and in everything. Your greatest ambition is related to your ability to organize everything in your life alone, not to be dependent on other people and circumstances, to set the conditions alone and always be in a position of invincibility. The lone warrior is a warrior too - this is your biggest ambition.

Ascendant or Mars in Cancer
The eleventh house falls in Taurus and is ruled by Venus. Your ambitions form under the influence of the material world - money, wealth, possession of various items and objects. Your motivation is to have and possess as much property as possible, even if you do not need it. Your greatest ambition is to secure good fortune for yourself, be able to buy everything you see and want, not to have things at your disposal but to know that you own them personally, that they are yours, to enjoy matter in every sense.

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