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When love comes under karmic circumstances

16 August 2014 / 15:08:17  GRReporter
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Anyone who has touched the world of astrology and in particular the issue of love, has also come across the so-called karmic relationships. These are relationships in which there is fate, predestination. In fact, all the important relationships we have in our life, wear this print called karma, destiny. They always leave traces, even if they were short. The salient features of karmic relationships are that they come into our lives in such a way that we neither understand how we have ended up in them, nor can we escape from them - they just happen to us.

As you have probably noticed, today’s article is about what the karmic circumstances surrounding love relationships are. How they sneak into your life, what the signs are that we are about to find ourselves in them? These circumstances are usually such that we cannot resist them, we enter them as "complete fools" (please do not take offense, but it's true), in the beginning we ignore them as irrelevant and we think that they cannot have any impact on us until we get into the "trap". It is no accident that always, absolutely always after that we say: "but I had never imagined I would fall in love like a complete fool." Fate has a great sense of humour, hasn’t it?!

Karma is a word that is often used in a slightly inadequate context. In fact, it is a very clear word – in Sanskrit it means action, work. The exact meaning is that where there is talk about karma, you have to do a certain type of work from which you cannot escape until you do it. It is necessary in order to bring balance and equilibrium. What is characteristic of karma in love relationships is that it can be great, but it might not be great either. More often, it is the latter. Until you get the job done with the other person, you cannot leave them. There is a cult phrase in astrology: Stars propose, wise men dispose. However, it is understood slightly in the style''as one likes it''. Stars show the way, a wise man knows how to pass on it, making the most valuable for themselves and leaving the best of which they are capable. They do not try to avoid it only because the road may be bumpy and steep. That's all.

Now, let’s move to the essential bit - what the karmic circumstances surrounding love affairs are, how they sneak into our lives, what are the signs that we are about to find ourselves in them.

In a personal horoscope, everything related to love and love affairs is revealed through analysis of the fifth house. For most people love and marriage are two different things. Few are lucky to combine these two merging into one another. Therefore, karmic love relationships are often experienced beyond marriage - sometimes before, sometimes after. And they definitely occupy a very important place in our lives, as we always sacrifice something in relation to them; we have that feeling that we give more than we receive.

Karmic circumstances that are woven into our love life are found in the fourth house in the personal horoscope, which turns out to be the twelfth for the fifth one. The twelfth house is generally the most hidden place. It is defined as difficult, unhappy and associated with loss in our lives. However, it is also the house of sacrifice, charity, compassion. Its main meanings stem from the fact that it covers everything that always stands behind us, that we do not see, that we cannot define; it permeates our lives quietly, it enters through a door hidden from our view, which we never lock. From an esoteric point of view, the twelfth house is described by the words "completion, liberation." This is expressed in a variety of dimensions, one of which is namely karma - the work we have to finish to restore the broken balance (where, and to the extent that, it is broken), to get rid of the debts we have.

Every house in the personal horoscope is the twelfth house for the next one. So, the fourth house is the twelfth for the fifth one, which is related to love and love relationships, thus describing the direct karma (cause and effect relationships, work) in connection with love affairs. Circumstances to which the fourth house connects in the personal horoscope show what are the karmic situations about love relationships, how we find ourselves in them before we realize it, and how they rush into our lives unresisted. It also indicates what we have to finish in love, what to get free from, what to pay back for.

Read the information on the sign of your ascendant in order to find out which sign the fourth house falls in, which is the ruling planet, and, respectively, what are the karmic circumstances related to love and love relationships in your life. If the planet ruling the fourth house is also retrograde in your personal horoscope, this is a sign of a greater emphasis on karmic commitment in love, especially if it's Venus. Retrograde planets are marked with “R” in the horoscope. The Sun and the Moon have no retrograde phases, which means that people born with ascendant in Aries and Taurus have the lightest karmic burden in terms of love relationships. And people with ascendant in Cancer and Aquarius are more burdened since the planet ruling the fourth house is Venus, which places a double emphasis. If Venus is also in retrograde phase, the emphasis on destiny and karma related to love matters in life is threefold.

Ascendant in Aries

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