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What we gain when we lose

22 May 2015 / 10:05:42  GRReporter
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You want to achieve something in your life that is worthwhile - how many of you are nodding approvingly? However, there is no way to do so without paying the price, without losing something or suffering privation in terms of finances, emotions, time or soemthing else.

Today's article is about what people have to part with in order to develop as persons in life. It does not take just reading books, attending courses and seminars, it does not happen without doing something yourself and personally paying the price. The process of development suggests that a person parts from the past, loses it. It is like moving to another country - a person has to abandon his or her house, home, friends, lose them because of the new things that he or she will obtain. Of course, there are losses and losses. Everyone suffers a loss, be it of loved ones, property, work, money. However, not every loss is able to move you in the way that gives the impetus to personal growth. As if something flashes in your mind and you become a different person afterwards.

In the personal horoscope the twelfth house is the most difficult because it is hidden, obscure, unclear. It defines all those circumstances that are associated with a kind of destruction, losses, separation, isolation. This house shows the things one has to part with, the price paid, what one has to sacrifice to develop and rejuvenate as an individual. The twelfth house has other meanings as well, including compassion, charity, ways to escape from reality, emigration, spiritual experiences. If you pay attention, they all have a common root, which is liberation, breaking away from something. The fact that an area with this meaning is followed by the first house that symbolises the "I as a person, body, individual" indicates only one thing: the development of personality and individuality passes through various stages, the liberation and breaking away from something being obligatory, in short, by paying a price, by losing the former "I". This process is always difficult and cumbersome for everyone.

In the article below, I will give you information on the losses that accompany your personal development and the price you pay for them. I will also write how to make these losses bearable and easier to overcome. Avoiding them is impossible but they may be less burdensome at least. The price has to be paid anyway. Refer to the sign of the ascendant and the Sun sign, bearing in mind that the information that depends on the ascendant is primarily associated with material circumstances and situations whereas the information that comes from the Sun sign refers primarily to the immaterial and spiritual meaning of life.

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