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What comes into our lives for free and without any effort?

16 October 2014 / 14:10:28  GRReporter
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They say there is no free lunch except for the cheese in a mousetrap. Nevertheless, the fact is that in our lives there are things that we can define as free because we obtain them almost effortlessly. Naturally, we often do not pay attention to them, take them for granted and do not appreciate them much.

Today's article is about the sphere of life in which things are almost free for us - we do not have to pay dearly to obtain them. They come to us almost effortlessly, without us looking and striving for them. All certainly have met people who have this or that and without deserving it in the majority of the cases. However, there is strict order in the universe and nothing is free. This means that if you now have something that you allegedly do not deserve, you had once paid for it anyway, in your past life, and now you are just obtaining it. Everyone has something like a bank account with resources available to him or her in this life and he or she easily obtains them without having to work for them.

In the horoscope, the fifth house is one of the happiest and the most favourable areas. The symbolism of this house, and what it controls, actually includes all the most beautiful and free things in life like love, beauty, entertainment, fortune, fast and easy riches (to win from the lottery, for example), personal talents, natural intelligence, personal brilliance, charisma and so on. Note that we all seek these things because they make us feel happy, we cannot buy them even if we want to.

The fifth house is analogous to the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. No man could pay the sun to shine and give warmth, nor could he control it through work and effort. Similarly, nothing related to the fifth house in the personal horoscope can be bought in any way; it comes to you free of charge. Therefore, the fifth house in the horoscope shows what exactly the "bank account" is and what resources there are in it, what we deserve to obtain without paying for it. It shows what comes almost effortlessly in your life and without having to work hard to obtain it. Your options in regard of "free" things are many and you have a life interest.

Read the information on the sign of your ascendant in order to find out the sign in which the fifth house falls, what exactly "your bank account" is respectively and what resources there are in it. They show what comes into your life for free and you obtain it without effort.

Ascendant in Aries

The fifth house falls in Leo and it is ruled by the Sun. You effortlessly obtain everything that is related firstly to the personal intellectual force and innate natural intelligence, the other things being love, romance, fun and the pleasures of life. You are one of those people who can hardly complain of the want of such things, you have many opportunities and they come without much effort on your part. You are lucky in terms of finding yourself in situations in which you easily earn money from games and fast transactions, profiting while having fun. Some of you easily obtain the chance of expressing yourself in the field of art and of gaining popularity due to personal creativity.

How great the opportunities available to you are depends on the power of the Sun in your horoscope (the power is determined by the position of the sign and the aspects from the other planets).

Ascendant in Taurus

The fifth house falls in Virgo and it is ruled by Mercury. You obtain with ease and without effort all that is connected with the ways to improve your quality of life, to deal with all sorts of challenges and overcome difficult situations. You have skills for which others often secretly envy you because there are always difficult situations in life and you handle them by way of a joke. The assistants (in any form) that you need come to you and you manage to complete everything and to gain a benefit at the same time. Health and job are free for you too. There is always a job for you; you stand in good stead in times of difficulty, which is really priceless. Moreover, you also easily manage to deal with any health problems without lasting consequences.

How great the opportunities available to you are depends on the power of Mercury in your horoscope (the power is determined by the position of the sign and the aspects from the other planets).

Ascendant in Gemini

The fifth house falls in Libra and it is ruled by Venus. You obtain with ease and without effort all that is connected with partnerships, communicating with people, gaining some popularity, creating different unions, associations. You are able to connect with people, which is why you never remain without a partner and people with whom to collaborate. You easily make people feel comfortable around you and therefore, without effort, you always have many people around you who want to be your partners (both personally and professionally) and prefer your company. The sign of Libra is also associated with diplomacy, achieving balance and agreements. Therefore, in your life, you are granted the opportunities of becoming a representative and spokesperson for a group.

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