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What is the best investment for you?

10 May 2014 / 13:05:53  GRReporter
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When there are discrepancies in the meaning of the two factors, for example, Jupiter appears in Taurus and in the 8th sign counting from the Sun, the combination of information is as follows:
Jupiter in Taurus is favourable for investment in clothes, apparel, household items and its position is not particularly appropriate for speculation and brokerage. However, the position in the 8th sign indicates that it is appropriate to invest in riskier operations and stock exchanges. In this case, priority is given to the position with respect to the Sun sign. The interpretation in this case is that it is appropriate for you to invest in some more strenuous and critical activities that are related to food, clothing, and generally to satisfying the most important human needs for survival.

Jupiter in Aries or in the 1st sign counting from the Sun
The best investment in your life is in yourself, in your physical body, image, personal presence, strength and energy. Everything you touch, giving your personal energy, subsequently develops and yields rich fruit. You are an "alive and walking piece of luck". You can be successful in every type of investment, but there is one very important condition, namely that you must be able to do this personally, manage and control it. Do not invest in things which someone else will take care of. It is inappropriate for you to invest your capital in someone else’s hands.
Jupiter in Taurus or in the 2nd sign counting from the Sun
The best investment for you is in everything associated with comfort and convenience in life, in what is needed for human survival, namely food, clothing, household items. Invest in business and in personal skills relating to the production and supply of food, clothing, household utensils, furnishings, furniture. It is very important that your capital not be in the form of banknotes and savings but in material terms. It is inappropriate for you to invest in brokerage and trading activities, which are associated just with the transfer of goods.
Jupiter in Gemini or in the 3rd sign counting from the Sun
The best investment for you is in knowledge, information, communication skills. The rule that information is costly is valid for you. You should invest in all subjects related to communication, media, education, books, and vehicles. You have a flair for business and you can become successful brokers. You have to work with money mostly in terms of figures, namely with banknotes, figures on paper, bank accounts. It is inappropriate for you to invest in fixed assets and in things that cannot be quickly and easily sold. Let earthly possessions go through you, be their mediator, as this is the best way to accumulate profits.
Jupiter in Cancer or in the 4th sign counting from the Sun
The best investment in your life is in real estate and land. Whoever said that land is no longer produced and therefore is the best investment of all time, was someone like you. The property in which you invest has the ability to pay off highly through rents, a good harvest and good added value when you decide to sell it. It is inappropriate for you to gamble and invest in fast moving things. Follow the tradition of investing, i.e. invest in real estate, land, fixed assets.
Jupiter in Leo or in the 5th sign counting from the Sun
The best investment for you is in precious metals, jewellery, precious stones, works of art. Another very important investment is in the children in your life and the people you perceive as your children, such as your followers, fans, audience. Your major capital is your personal ability to create and work, you have a very deep natural wisdom and intelligence too, which make you successful in every type of speculative investment. It is inappropriate for you to invest in things that do not contain an element of game, creativity and have no high value.
Jupiter in Virgo or the 6th sign counting from the Sun
The best investment for you is in everything that concerns services for people through which you improve their lives. These are all kinds of handicrafts, medicine and healing, sports, instruments, devices that alleviate consumer engagement. Another very important investment for you is in health and in your ability to deal with all challenges in life and to bring order to chaos. Sports and training the body are an essential part of your personal capital. It is inappropriate for you to invest in things that are not related to the health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyle of people.
Jupiter in Libra or in the 7th sign counting from the Sun

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