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We and the global world

16 January 2015 / 10:01:30  GRReporter
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Everyone has contributed to the world and society, albeit slightly and seemingly insignificantly. We mostly think about things like public personal, social and professional development. We rarely think that even if we are just ordinary people, who are not famous, we still give something to the world and society in which we are living. If one goes a little beyond one’s own world, he or she will see and understand that every person has a place on earth - even purely as a physical object. However, in addition to being physically present, a person performs an activity that the world needs.

It is precisely this need of the world and society that is the subject of today's article. How we are related to social phenomena and events, our manifestation in the world, even if we are totally unknown and just participants in it. If you imagine the human world as a macro-organism, then every person is like a cell in it and thanks to you (as a cell), this organism functions in a certain way. Someone is part of the "heart" of the world, another is a cell of the "brain machine", the third is part of the "liver". This is the cycle in nature - every living organism is part of it and has specific purposes.

The zodiacal circle has four signs that form the so-called "backbone" of the zodiac. These are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The two equinoxes and two solstices happen in these signs. They form the seasons and the daily rhythm - sunrise/sunset, noon/midnight. You could say that they support the zodiac and the rhythm of life on Earth. Aries is the sign that undoubtedly has a special significance. The reason is that it marks the Spring Equinox. I do not mean at all that spring is coming as a season since autumn is coming in the southern hemisphere. During the Spring Equinox, the Sun crosses the equator and goes from the southern to the northern hemisphere. This transition from south to north has always been considered as evolutionary, it is a transition from the old to the new. That is why everything new starts from this point and Aries is the sign of the beginning in every sense.

The first degree of Aries, also called the point of Aries (or the axis of Aries) has a special meaning in each individual horoscope. Figuratively speaking, it represents the Ascendant of Earth and defines your strongest connection with the world as a whole. Its position in the personal horoscope gives information about your connection to, and role in, society. It gives information on what in the social and global processes that occur affects you most strongly, on the developments to which you give priority and in which you actively participate, on the area of your life that is greatly influenced by society, driving you to express yourself in public.

This has nothing to do with your occupation, rank or position, although there are many cases when they are connected with the position of the point of Aries in some way. Everyone has a public and social engagement by which he or she tries to show himself/herself to the world, to play a role in public events. The simplest example that will give you an idea of what this is about is, let's say, that you take part in a meeting, a protest with a special theme, which triggers general changes in the country. Without you and without all those who give priority to this particular issue, there would have been no meeting and these general changes would have not happened. You participate, you become part of something global, contribute to the needs of society, even though this may not make you famous and popular.

The position of the point of Aries is considered primarily in accordance with the sign of the Ascendant but also of the Sun. The position of the Sun shows your energy and respectively provides information on how you connect your energy with social processes. The position relative to the Ascendant shows the public events into which you would put part of it. For example, if you were born with the Sun in Taurus and your ascendant is Gemini, then the point of Aries falls in the 12th and 11th houses respectively. This means that you put some of your vital energy into dealing with the most tender spots of society, being highly influenced by issues about disabled people, immigrants in need of social assistance, etc. (12th house) and you take an active part in various associations and organizations (11th house) that deal with them.

Now I will give information on the position of the point of Aries in the different areas. There is a very special element that must be considered. Since this point is actually the first degree of the sign, it is important if you were born with the Sun or Ascendant before or after the 15th degree of any sign. Therefore, I will include information on the two houses of each sign. To find out if the Sun was before or after the 15th degree of a particular sign, look at the table below to find the day of your birth:

As for the degree of the Ascendant, it depends on the time and place of birth, so it should be calculated individually by an astrologer.

Ascendant or Sun in Aries

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