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Venus shows how we attract men and the Moon - how we keep them

08 March 2014 / 15:03:01  GRReporter
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I will dedicate today’s article especially to ladies in connection with International Women’s day, 8 March. Each woman, from the moment she realizes that she is a woman, right up to her last moment, wants to find the man of her life and live it with him. Human life is arranged in such a way, that partnership and marriage is a subject which is more important for women than for men. Although in our modern society the number of women who manage to cope without a partner is increasing, each of them has a constant desire to find one.

Today's article is about women’s "weapons" which each woman uses in order to "catch" a partner; how you attract men, which is your most powerful personal "weapon" in relations with the opposite sex and when this weapon works best.

Too often, women try to emulate another woman in life just because she has success among men, or has a great partner and is never alone. Other women’s "weapons", however, may not work for you. You’d better realize what your own strong points are and use them, rather than attempt to use other women’s ones. There are women who are naturally endowed to follow only their own instincts and this makes them successful in relationships with men. If you want to be like them, follow your own instincts, too.

Old women say that it is not necessary to be stunningly beautiful – it is more important to be happy. Of course, women’s weapon Number One is their appearance: to attract attention and make men approach them and show that they are interested. However, sexual attractiveness is not a guarantee that you will be able to hold the attention of the man for more than 1 or 2 weeks. The most important element of women’s attractiveness is found on the inside, and not on the outside. It is contained in their personality, wit, style and manners. It is this type of attraction which is able to hold the attention and desire of the man so that he can fall in love with the woman and connect his life with hers.

In astrology, Venus and the Moon are the two “women’s” planets which characterize feminine attractiveness - they define your personal "weapons" in relations with men. Venus forms the surface. This is the "package" which attracts the eye. The Moon, however, defines a more important element - its position shows the woman in you, it shows the contents after removing the package. This is your most powerful personal weapon when it comes to keeping a man.

In your personal horoscope, Venus shows how you attract men. The Moon shows how you keep them and what attracts them most. It shows your femininity, and not just mere beauty. A woman can be beautiful, but she may not have much femininity, and vice versa. Of course, some women are endowed with both. In general, the position of the Moon – in terms of sign, house and relationships with other planets, is always a very important element in the horoscope. Especially for women, since the Moon is the female archetype in astrology. If you think about the nature and functions of the Moon as a planet in our lives - when it rises and sets, the stages through which it passes, the fact that it does not have its own light but reflects the Sun, the speed at which it moves along the celestial equator, its important function in relation to gravity and maintaining life on Earth – you will explain the phenomenon called Woman.

Happy Women’s Day, ladies!

I would like to greet you with one of the most beautiful love songs.

Now I will focus primarily on The Moon in relation to what your most powerful weapon as a woman is and what attracts men best but not just for a day or two. But if you want, you can also read the information about the sign in which Venus falls in your individual horoscope.

The Moon in Aries

Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by Mars - the planet of impulse and passion. Your attractiveness lies in the strength of your will and spirit, in the spark which appears in your eyes when you aspire for something. Men are stunned by your vigour, fighting spirit and passion, as well as by your audacity, unwillingness to wait and tendency not to stop at any barriers and obstacles, as well as by your charm and charisma. You should show vitality, be active and always ready for action, and demonstrate your will and strength - this attracts and keeps men.

The Moon in Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign and is ruled by Venus - the planet of sensuality, senses and beauty. Your attractiveness lies in your impassive calmness, in being practical and stable, in respecting simple things in life, such as sensory pleasures - food, drink, material and physical comfort, but also in your ability to show self-sufficiency, never to be in a hurry, to appreciate both yourself and your belongings. Being sensual and tactile, always searching for material prosperity, slowly and patiently waiting for "the body of your enemy to float by" - these are the elements of your personal charm and charisma which attract and keep men.

The Moon in Gemini

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