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An unusual activity of intimate life in May

01 May 2014 / 17:05:10  GRReporter
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In this article I will present the astrological picture for the period from 1 – 31 May. I will start with the general picture as a whole and then I will make individual forecasts.

In the previous article, I informed you that April was one of the most dynamic and active months of the year, since it had two eclipses - a lunar eclipse on 15 April and a solar one on 29 April. The months that are marked by eclipses each year are bearers of all important life events and natural disasters of every type. Therefore, especially in the last ten days of April, the probability of earthquakes and volcanic activity was high. The eclipses on 15 April and 29 April would affect the active people who were born 2-3 days before or after these dates and those born 2-3 days before or after 18 October and 1 November. They could expect major life events.

The new moon that marks the month of April was in the sign of Aries, in an area that carries a lot of intensity and sway between total confusion and crystal clear wisdom. It was also associated with the universal harmony in which every detrimental action faces a serious obstacle. Everything that was blocked and unable to be realized was harmful in itself, regardless of how it looked on the surface.

Moreover, one of the famous astrological pictures called The Great Cross formed in April. It was associated with a lot of tension, as it included all high-energy planets, namely the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. The forming of this planetary configuration was a sign that enormous energy was accumulating, ready to explode. Extraordinary things are achieved in such conditions including huge progress, great achievements, and the appearance of important political figures who take decisions with historical significance. Of course this does not happen quietly and smoothly but often with a bang. Globally, I expected that it would be hard to get away without some dramatic political and interstate conflicts. The formula that was being created was as follows: struggle and ambition + revolution and change + striving for power and leadership + successful outcome and great achievements.

At the personal level the desire to "act, take, and win" would intensify too. Especially the second half of the month would bring a lot of "clenched fists" - one would be ready to fight, another would strive for material possessions and a third would grab the reins of success. This would lead to a lot of personal aggressiveness in the middle of the month and the days would be risky in terms of traffic accidents, incidents, fights, interpersonal problems.

What should we expect in May 2014?

May also contains a lot of dynamics similar to April. The solar eclipse occurred on 29 April and its effect will be transferred in May. Practically, this is the new moon, which marks the coming month. The symbolism of the section, in which it falls, is associated with extremes - antagonism, aggression and "death" but also with the "conception" of various things. There will still be a strong desire for action, personal aggression will be at its peak and the entire month will remain risky in terms of accidents and conflicts of all kinds.

The primary energy in the public sphere is aimed at the improvement of what has been "broken or damaged." That's the good news. The bad news is that in May, like in April, the approach will still be somewhat primitive in terms of methods and behaviour of statesmen and politicians. Certain limits may be crossed and there will be no turning back. But this will have its good sides. As I pointed out last month, we are experiencing times in which there will be huge progress and great achievements; decisions with historical significance will be made.

At the personal level, each of us can experience a tendency to all sorts of accusations and criticism. But it's a good month to start something and find bottlenecks in your life and find the way in which to tackle them. The retrograde phase of Mars will end on 20 May and this gives the last days of the month a special liveliness, but this time in a consistent and logical direction.

In May, a very interesting planetary conjunction will be formed, which occurs about once every 15-17 years. The planets Venus and Mars will confront each other in a reversed position - Venus will fall in a sign which is ruled by Mars and Mars - in a sign under the dominion of Venus. However, this time they will have great "company" - Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. Again, the famous Great Cross will be formed with the participation of Venus, which plays a huge role in human life, since it is related to relationships, values, people and resources in general.

On the one hand, this picture symbolizes the problems which I described above, but on the other hand, there will be great dynamics in terms of intimate relationships and love. While in terms of society, this relationship is associated with increased tension and conflicts, lack of diplomacy and balance, in intimate relationships, the tension is reflected in a very pleasant way – it will open many possibilities, adventures and unexpected encounters with someone you cannot resist. Usually, the spring months bring an awakening to love life, but this year there will be an unusual activity. For single people, this is a great time to experience unforgettable moments and a chance to discover their future spouse. However, for people in a relationship, this can lead to serious conflicts and broken hearts.

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