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Trials which fate defines individually for each of us

19 April 2014 / 17:04:26  GRReporter
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People say that ''Everyone has a cross to bear''. This means that fate challenges us with various trials. And since this is our fate, we cannot avoid them. However, in order not to direct your mind in a negative direction, I would like to say that even fame, wealth, and popularity are a type of challenge from fate. I will not enumerate how many famous people have failed to overcome challenges and the burden of glory and ended their life somewhat prematurely and tragically.

Today's article is about what our own "cross" consists of, what burden we have to bear and why we are "punished" (in quotation marks, since people perceive every burden and problem as punishment). And this is not without reason. I will make the analogy of Jesus, who bore his heavy cross alone on his back, knowing that he would die on it. In Catholic churches, there are 14 paintings which describe the so-called Path to the Cross. These scenes are comparable to a person’s life - from the beginning to the end. They imply how the heaviest burden we bear throughout our life eventually appears to be our most precious achievement and how the problems which we humbly endure are the core of our biggest success. And no matter whether this success is public or not - it is the most important to us.

In astrology, Saturn occupies an honourable position when it comes to the hard side of life. Saturn’s position in the personal horoscope and everything related to this planet shows our trials, fears, burdens and restrictions. Last but not least – we are always alone in such situations and can rely only on God's help! On the other hand, precisely Saturn is an integral part of our greatest achievements.

Saturn is known as the planet of fate. It rules time and "takes care" of the consequences of all our actions - when we take the wrong path, we should endure our punishment and when we fulfil our duty, we should be rewarded. Saturn indicates when it is inevitable to face trials and restrictions, but also when it is inevitable to achieve our highest peaks in life. In popular astrology, it is often called the "villain and culprit," since Saturn "shows us" absolutely uncompromisingly the heavy cross which we have to bear alone in order to get the "unfading crown".

Our personal "cross" is determined primarily by the position of Saturn in the horoscope according to the house, as well as according to the houses to which it is related. Usually, these are the things which we do not like at all and try to avoid, since we are afraid of them and we do not want to take responsibility. But these are actually the things thanks to which we can get the greatest rewards, rise above the rest, and gain respect and consideration. Only because of them we can we experience the sense of fulfilment, since we have achieved success.

The house which falls in Capricorn ranks second. Capricorn is the sign which is ruled by Saturn. This house also has a direct relation to things we cannot escape and we have to bear the "cross" humbly until one day we get surprised by the fact that precisely these things provide us with great stability and considerable success.

I will give you information on the position of Saturn in the horoscope. However, since the house which falls in Capricorn in your personal horoscope is also important, I will systematize both. For example, if your Ascendant is in Aries, the 10th house falls in Capricorn. And Saturn may fall in the 3rd house. In that case, look for the description about:

1. ''Ascendant in Aries or Saturn in the 10th house'' – since your Ascendant is in Aries.

2. ''Ascendant in Scorpio or Saturn in the 3rd house'' – since Saturn is in the 3rd house in your personal horoscope.

In order to find out where Saturn falls in your personal horoscope, find out in which sign it fell in your year of birth and count from the sign in which your Ascendant falls. For example, if you were born in 1981, Saturn fell in Libra. If your Ascendant falls in Virgo, Saturn falls in the 2nd house (Virgo - 1st house, Libra - 2nd house).

Saturn’s position in years - note that the dates are rounded and the most accurate information can be obtained with a specialized calculation for you personally:

January’1950 – August’1951 – Virgo

September’1951 – October’1953 – Libra

November’1953 – October’1956 – Scorpio

November’1956 – December’1958 – Sagittarius

January’1959 – December’1961 – Capricorn

January’1962 – March’1964 – Aquarius

March’1964 – February’1967 – Pisces

March’1967 – April’1969 – Aries

May’1969 – June’1971 – Taurus

July’1971 – July’1973 – Gemini

August’1973 – September’1975 – Cancer

October’1975 – July’1978 – Leo

August’1978 – September’1980 – Virgo

October’1980 – August’1983 – Libra

September’1983 – November’1985 – Scorpio

December’1985 – October’1988 – Sagittarius

November’1988 – January’1991 – Capricorn

February’1991 – January’1994 – Aquarius

February’1994 – March’1996 – Pisces

April’1996 – February’1999 – Aries

March’1999 – April’2001 – Taurus

May’2001 – May’2003 – Gemini

June’2003 – July’2005 – Cancer

August’2005 – August’2007 – Leo

September’2007 – October’2009 – Virgo

Ascendant in Aries or Saturn in the 10th house

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