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31 July 2014 / 10:07:48
Media started publishing opinions of many citizens, who, until recently, did not dare to speak up about migration because they feared accusations of xenophobia and racism. Most of them consider immigrants welcome as long as they adopt European values.
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According to the information available so far, 520 tons of chemical weapons will be destroyed by hydrolysis in the Mediterranean. The particular... 
GRReporter | 11:07 | 10 07 14 |

The crocodile, which is allegedly 2 metres long, has appeared near the dam of Rethymno and was spotted by chance by a patrol of the fire service.  
GRReporter | 22:07 | 06 07 14 |

If you want to put on a modern bikini this year, but do not want to walk the beach wrapped in a towel, you have a good reason to take care of your ... 
GRReporter | 22:07 | 06 07 14 |

The schedule of power cuts during midday hours has been announced so far. 
GRReporter | 14:07 | 03 07 14 |

Hospitals will be an exception in order to avoid the risk of blackouts. If a problem occurs on the islands the power there will probably be cut too.  
GRReporter | 09:07 | 03 07 14 |

The pilot project started from Klafthmonos square and it will soon cover other bus and trolley bus stops in Athens. 
GRReporter | 14:06 | 27 06 14 |

Citizens who receive from Greece an amount equal to or greater than 90 percent of their total income do not pay tax on the first 5,000 euro. 
GRReporter | 20:06 | 24 06 14 |

Only within a project under the "Youth in Action" programme can you talk with young German citizens about historical events like the Holocaust and... 
GRReporter | 20:06 | 23 06 14 |

Acts of vandalism and theft create chaos in the University of Athens and the National Technical University of Metsovo  
GRReporter | 12:06 | 22 06 14 |

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among young travellers in order for them to be able to limit the possible troubles during the holidays,... 
GRReporter | 14:06 | 19 06 14 |

Delayed payments on the part of the state are another major problem faced by private hospitals in crisis-hit countries in South Europe. 
GRReporter | 20:06 | 13 06 14 |

It is widespread in isolated social groups. The challenge facing the European countries is to reach them and provide them with access to tests and... 
GRReporter | 17:06 | 12 06 14 |