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Success Starts with Personal Initiative behind which is Mars

08 June 2014 / 11:06:19  GRReporter
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Today’s article is about personal initiative and enterprise. We will discuss what motivates us, whether we are people of enterprise, which are our best initiatives and in what areas we should take them.
Last but not least, we will discuss what our approach is to take action when we are motivated to start an initiative. All this goes hand in hand with the education we have.
Typically, when we talk about education and the ability to learn, what is understood is mainly attending school and learning with the help of the teachers.
But we all know that one learns best from one's own experience. The measure of an educated person is not only the diplomas hanging on the wall but most of all the experience gained.
In other words, the brighter our ability to learn is, the brighter our personal initiative, determination, enterprise skills are, as learning is equal to experiment, trial and error until you succeed.
That is why those people who are enthusiastic to become educated (not only academically speaking) have very high levels of enterprise and power of self-assertion.
In personal horoscopes, there is a special area called the Third house defining all of the above: what our potential to become well educated is, how to be self-assertive, how enterprising, determined, ambitious we are and how we initiate our actions.
This area helps us derive information about other things such as communication, education and ability to learn, the world of ideas and thoughts, correspondence and various forms of communication, short trips, brothers and sisters and associates.
All of the above are related in one way or another, their root being self-assertion, initiative and determination. Not surprisingly, there is a popular saying: “If you have a sibling, he will not feed you, but if you don’t have one, you are in trouble”. If you have a brother or a sister, this is a sign that you will grow up in an environment where you will learn how to assert yourself among equals, how to be determined and have initiative.
The Third house can be compared with the hands of a man, as the hands can be interpreted as a symbol of action, of our tasks, as we do everything with our hands. They are the instrument of the instruments as Aristotle calls them.
The brain may have an endless number of ideas but without the hands which are putting everything together, nothing can be completed. That is why our hands imply a lot about the type of person we are, what we are destined to do, how we act in life, how much initiative we have, how enterprising, or ambitious we are.
Apart from the Third house of the horoscope, Mars also has to do with our strength, courage and ability to act, initiate and be people of enterprise, to assert ourselves in life. In the horoscope, between Mars and the Third house, there exists a very dynamic and narrow connection.
Ancient astrologists arranged the planets according to their orbital speed and created the so-called Chaldean order of the planets. According to that order, Mars is the third planet and that is why it is directly connected with the third area/house in the horoscope and the indices corresponding to it.
The role of Mars is to provide muscle strength and energy, will power and determination “to fight” in life, to compete, resist and endure both physically and mentally.
Mars is the soldier within us. Without Mars we cannot complete anything or make it happen. Even in order to speak, you need Mars’s energy.
That is why the position and location of this planet in the horoscope is really important for the personal initiative and enterprise skills, for the ambition to prove yourself, to fight for your beliefs and to follow them, to conquer and to subdue.
Further below, you will read what information we derive from the astral sign the Third house falls in regarding the extent of our initiative or enterprise, the way we act and in regard to what motivates us to take action.
Since Mars is also important, the Third house matters too, counted from it. Make a combination of both, as the Ascendant has a certain priority regarding activities and initiatives, whereas Mars has to do with approach and motivation.
For example, for a person with an Ascendant in Aries, the Third house is in Gemini. This means that your initiatives are mainly in the field of communication, transport and trade. If Mars is in the sign of Cancer, the Third house falls in Virgo. This means that your approach at times of initiative is very reasonable, you consider all the details thoroughly and motivation comes mostly when you encounter something impaired in need of correction and repair. Also, your environment is one where everyone is doing their job effectively .
Ascendant or Mars in Aries

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