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Street stories: Young and irreconcilable

03 May 2010 / 13:05:12  GRReporter
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Victoria Mindova

Eleni Kostopulu is 27 and lives and works in Athens. She studied accounting at the University of Athens, and firmly believes that the only way to win a struggle to integrate with its other associates to reach their objective. Eleni is one of many young people in Greece who have been fed up with the corrupt political system in the country, inequality and injustice. Natural hair and freckles ognenochervena suggest neprimirenostta to its nature. Firmly believes in socialism and believes that the current situation in Greece is the result of utter wrong socio-led public policy present in the country. Playing the piano and loves friends and family and wants to live in a better Greece. Is ready to fight for ideas, which believes even if he knows that may never be put into practice. Idealist, take regular participation in peaceful protests of its union and believes that it is better to fight for an idea than to take it for granted everything that is happening around you. 

Accounting is not her first choice, but the circumstances are just flocking to it. Her dream was to join the Polytechnic and is one of the specialties there - an engineer, a chemist and another type of professions that is more creative. 

I want a job - I work 

Now I work in a cafe in the city center as a waitress. Before that I worked in an office, but unfortunately not my specialty. I like a secretary. I had a good relationship with my employer fired me. I can not say that it is particularly sad because the work does not give me any greater knowledge or skills. Tried, but do not develop in the field of education. Getting the minimum wage. Big problem for my former employer was that I take part in strikes and union to koytosam member. It never was considered a good eye and finally fired me. Subsequently, I began to send their CV-th different accountants over the Internet. While waiting for the answer I was offered work in coffee and I accepted. Currently I am there. When I left office, my mother is extremely happy. "Already a new man," she said. "Constant tension and problems with my boss had made another man. 


When I started work figured that must be organized in any way. I support the strike action organized by the union of memory. So I became a member. By union shares may gain some rights for the working sector. I think it is right and even obligation of every citizen to participate in a union in order to defend human rights organized employees. I think you should be united in a movement organized to reach certain results. We can not handle it anyway. Results are obtained where there is unity and activity, but it is important and what to fight. Currently in Greece things are more difficult, so this is another reason for people to be united in their demands and actions. 

Border - inside or outside 

When things are not rosy in Greece, but I do not think me abroad expecting something better.Unemployment and corruption is everywhere now. Although other European countries are better organized, the man is valued according to their properties and there is so much factors, which you know, to find a good job, as in Greece. Abroad for me is not an option. Furthermore not everything is rotten in Greece. Even now some rights here, who are fighting to keep abroad do not even exist. For example, 13th and 14th salary. I love Greece - we have beautiful sun and sea, here are my friends and as problems have, Greece is my place. I was born here, grew up here, hug my family and my friends. I'm just emotionally linked to Greece and I believe that if you want something to change their country, must fight as I can. 

Overall I think the Greeks have to wake up from lethargy, which have fallen. It is necessary to build a conscience awake and coherent picture of the situation in which they are and not take for granted everything they are told. Today, wherever you turn around you say that Greece has no choice and little man has to pay the price of the biggest problems in the country. Education in the country is extremely low at the moment and I think this is the result of the desire of management to no great mass of people thinking, to challenge their decisions. Need to make people wake up, but of course you need to find someone to show you the path. On the other hand now I can not say that there are leaders in political life, to bring new changes, but it is most important. More significant is to find the cause of problems and results that you want to reach in public and political terms. After all, if you want change, you must do it alone, can not wait for someone to come and they change. 


In political terms, I believe that the Greek Communist Party is the position in which I believe gives solutions. Do not expect very Aleko Papariga (political leader of the Communist Party) to remove the country from this situation, but believe in the idea and concept of socialism.Papariga not currently providing solutions for management mistakes of previous governments, no concept of how they will pay their external debt and government deficit. Our position is that we fundamentally disagree with this type of social structure and social average person will pay these deficits. Papariga as a leader does not consider things from the side of management decisions, but as a reversal of the system itself. Their message is "organized, fighting and not give up!" To not apply extreme economic measures or other restrictions. I think socialism is the outcome because it will ensure free and open to all education, health and social security.Today, what we live has nothing to do with a country fair. If this is capitalism, it is not out for me. 


I want to get a job, which will have contact with people or with children, not just now but in one office. Thus, when I like working in coffee, customers are nice, the staff are nice people and temporary employment can not complain. I want to have his family and two children actually have children - we'll see how much (laughs). People who love to be around me, my friends and family in good health.

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