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Strange coincidences in life

24 April 2015 / 08:04:12  GRReporter
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We live surrounded by different people who are an integral part of the stage of our life. You have surely noticed that there are situations when a change in the life of one of those people too often corresponds with changes in the life of another loved one. This is no coincidence but a completely understandable pattern resulting from our personal horoscope.

Today’s article is about the connection between the people who surround us, why when your daughter is going to study in another city, by some "strange coincidence" your father is changing his job, also undergoing a significant life event, or when you find a partner and get married, your mother is considering parting with your father at the same time. As I said, there is no mystery nor is this the result of a universal sense of humour.

In the personal horoscope each of the twelve houses is associated with certain people in our lives such as our mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles, children, friends, colleagues. A pattern connects the various characters around us and when an important change happens in one’s life the same occurs in someone else’s life too. Sometimes the changes are different in nature but they often happen simultaneously.

This pattern is very simple and stems from the fact that the planets rule two houses in the personal horoscope. The only exceptions are the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. They rule only one house. Therefore, each time something significant occurs in the life of a close person, expect a similar development in the life of someone else. That someone else may sometimes be you yourself. So, pay special attention to that particular person with whom you have such an invisible connection and to the parallel existing between your and his or her life. If this is someone who you do not like very much, and whose life is "falling", be in no hurry to rejoice, because your fate will surprise you. Of course, the opposite is also true - do not be irritated if he or she progresses in life. Progress will come to you too.

Now I will describe the parallels between the characters in our lives for each Ascendant. The Ascendant is always a major landmark for such issues as the houses determine reality in our lives and the events in it. I will refer only to the planets near Saturn without including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They are invisible to the naked eye and therefore they have occasional influence that depends primarily on the "work" of the visible planets.

Ascendant in Aries
Mars is the planet that rules Aries and therefore it appears to be your ruler, i.e. the state of this planet is especially important when considering everything that affects you personally. Mars rules Scorpio too, which involves the eighth house for you. The eighth house describes your friends’ fathers. Pay attention and ask questions whenever a close friend mentions his or her father, especially if it regards something important. A similar situation is in store for you too.
Mercury rules the third and sixth houses. The lives of your colleagues with whom you closely interact are connected with your brothers and sisters’ lives.
Venus rules the second and seventh houses. Your partner’s life is closely linked with the life of your friends’ mothers.
Jupiter rules the ninth and twelfth houses. This connection may not affect you directly because it shows the connection between your colleagues’ partners and your partners’ brothers and sisters.
Saturn rules the tenth and eleventh houses. Your friends’ lives are closely connected with your father’s life.

Ascendant in Taurus
Venus is the planet that rules Taurus and therefore it appears to be your ruler, i.e. the state of this planet is especially important when considering everything that affects you personally. Venus rules Libra too that involves the six house for you. The sixth house describes the colleagues with whom you closely interact and your employees if you have your own business. So, pay attention to everything that happens to them because every major change is a reflection of what is in store for you.
Mercury rules the second and fifth houses. Your children’s lives are closely linked to the lives of your friends’ mothers.
Mars rules the seventh and twelfth houses. Your partner’s life is closely connected with the lives of your colleagues’ partners.
Jupiter rules the eighth and eleventh houses. This connection does not concern you directly. Your friends’ lives are closely related to their fathers’ lives.
Saturn rules the ninth and tenth houses. Your father’s life is closely connected with the lives of your partner’s brothers and sisters.

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