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The star of the Magi about our lives

20 July 2013 / 23:07:52  GRReporter
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The Rosette from Pliska is one of the most unique artefacts in Bulgarian history. It is a seven-beam star associated with the culture of ancient Mesopotamia’s people. Such a star has been found not only in Bulgaria but also in Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, Babylon. It is known around the world as the "The star of the Magi." Chaldean priests were called Magi. Why did I start with this historical fact? This seven-beam star reflects the geocentric model of the solar system and was used by priests for all their rituals and also for predictions. In ancient times, this star reflected the number of visible celestial planets - the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Each celestial planet was associated with certain years, periods of the year, days of the week and times of the day.

Analogically, astrology considers certain planets in the personal horoscope as rulers of the year and period of birth. In today's article I will introduce you to "your" planets. These planets always have a priority and are associated with the ways in which we operate in society, our role there, and why we have come into this world. Human society has divisions of generations covering people born in a period of about 15-20 years. And inside these generations, there is also a division, affecting people born in different years. People born in one and the same year are divided by periods, days and finally (by time and place of birth) we get to the particular person.

The planet that rules the year of birth determines in what social groups you are involved. And the planet that rules the period of birth shows your place in a narrower circle - family and friends. I will make an analogy. Your year of birth gives you a place in society in terms of your age - the people who were born in the same year usually study in the same grade but in different classes. The period of birth indicates to which particular class you will belong. I guess you've all heard the fact that there is a difference between various classes at school in terms of how children learn and what the overall performance is. Information on these aspects is given by the planets that rule the year and period of birth. In certain cases, this is one and the same planet. For example, if you were born in 1980, in the days between 4 March and 16 March, then the period of birth and the year are ruled by Jupiter.

First, find which planet rules your year of birth in the table below.

After that, find the planet that rules your period of birth. 

Now read the information about the planet which rules the year of birth and period of birth. The former indicates to which stratum of your generation you belong. It is more general. The latter shows where you are in the stratum's narrower ranges.


The Sun

Ruler of the year of birth

You bring creativity and new ideas and enliven public areas that are at a standstill. You are the most ambitious of your generation, since you have a variety of talents. You have something that is reminiscent of a lion. You deploy your maximum vital energy at the age of 22 and thereafter you use its full capacity. The 41st year of your life is significant. You head towards spheres that need to be revived and in which you will be able to show your individualism.

Ruler of the period of birth

You are usually the most vital and vibrant people in your personal social circle – leaders in the "class" and one of the most talented students. Others follow you and you tend to become a role model. You are the leader in your close circle and tend to achieve the highest positions in comparison to other members in it.

If the Sun rules both your year and period of birth, you often have more characteristics of a Leo than people born under this zodiac sign. The Sun in your horoscope is essential to your life.

The Moon

Ruler of the year of birth

You are very adaptable in life and your main interest is directed to people and society – to be part of it, move to the beat of your social group, and take care of its maintenance and existence. You want to play the role of social workers - people who feel and understand and solve or relieve other people’s problems. You deploy your vital energy up to the age of 24 and thereafter you use its full capacity. You are prone to be involved in spheres where there is an established rhythm and no surprises.

Ruler of the period of birth

Usually, you are the most caring people in your close social circle. One way or another, people often ask you for help, support, and understanding. You have a rapidly changing nature, which allows you to understand other peoples’ state and in this way adjust to their needs. You have a gift and talent for teaching, working with children or doing a job with a very large flow of customers.

If the Moon rules both your year and period of birth, you often have more characteristics of a Cancer than people born under this zodiac sign. The Moon in your horoscope is essential to your life.


Ruler of the year of birth

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