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The stage of life – the social status or where we belong in the society

25 December 2010 / 19:12:53  GRReporter
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One of the issues which most concern the people is what is the social layer in which they live, their social position. It is no secret to anyone that the glamorous scenes and elite societies are a strong lure for many people. A statistics has been made based on astrological factors that popularity mania is shaking about 65% of the currently existing population. The spotlight is very attractive. A vast majority of people are involved in this game - "I want you to see me how wonderful and amazing I am". They are ready to do anything to fall into the spotlight. Unfortunately, life is "unfair". There is no room for everybody at the spotlight. But there is enough space for everyone under the sun and it is exactly that place which is most proper for him.

In the astrology and respectively in the individual horoscope there are several key factors, according to which the public status of a person is determined. In which segments of the society his place is and what is his social status. When an astrologer examines a horoscope, he can "read" not only individual goals and destiny (purpose) of the man, but also how this fate fits into society. In other words, what is the environment in which the person will follow that fate of his. At birth, the man is not just an individual. He is born in a particular environment - family and community. Thus, the individual destiny is intertwined with the communal and social and is colored by the cultural, economic, political and religious frameworks of the environment. These frameworks are related to what is expected of a person in a social plan, about how he can participate in the society and socium, what is the class in which he shows himself and therefore what place he would occupy in the society.

Three main factors are used to know the actual place of a human in the society in which he best fits. In the first place, these are the two planets - Jupiter and Saturn - which are the main indicator of what the affiliation of the man is, how he perceives and reacts to the impact of the environment in which one is born.

Saturn indicates the scope for movement of the human society and socium – in the family, city and state. Where his origin is, to which stratum he belongs, the type of environment and activity, which are most suitable for him. Jupiter indicates how the person will participate in this society. What is his feeling for this environment and social background, how he perceive the people he should live with - both those from his family, and from the social stratum in which he runs.

Together the two planets define the most natural way of man in which he adjusts and adapts to his family, social and professional groups and last but not least to the society as a whole. The phase between Jupiter and Saturn shows the position of the man - his place and participation in the society. And also what are his possibilities to implement changes in his social, professional and communal position.

This phase is determined by analogy with the moon phases. Thus the planets Jupiter and Saturn may be in phase of "new moon" - or in conjunct aspect, i.e. to be located in the same zodiac sign. They may be in the phase "first quarter" - or square aspect 90 °, i.e. to be located in signs that are positioned at 90 ° angle (for example Saturn to be in the sign Capricorn and Jupiter in the sign Aries). Or phase "Full Moon" - opposition aspect 180 ° (for example Saturn to be in the sign Aries and Jupiter in the sign Libra).

The biggest opportunities for a change in public and social situation there are for people who are born when Jupiter and Saturn are positioned in the so-called. "solid phase". These are essentially conjunct of the two planets, square (90 ° spacing), opposition (180 ° spacing). They are the ones who most strongly oppose the set for them family, professional, social and societal frameworks. Therefore, changes to which they aspire are not rare. Under change, however do not understand only the positive and upward going in the social ladder. The change has this ability to also go down the ladder.

People who were born in these stages – for example those born in 1951, 1956, 1961, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1981, 1986, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2006, 2010 - will probably notice that in their lives there are abrupt changes in the social status and the societies in which they live. They tend to seek ways to separate from the environment in which they were born. I indicate of the years approximately. What is the specific stage of birth of each person must be determined according to the individual horoscope. Of course it is very important in what areas (homes) of the horoscope we find these two planets. Homes are calculated according to the time and place of birth. Because if the phase indicates how the person adjusts and adapts, if he fits easily or goes across, the areas indicate what is his social and public place.

The third major factor that completes the picture created by Jupiter and Saturn are the lunar nodes - the south and north. The lunar nodes are fictional points, in which intersect the lunar orbit around the Earth with the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun). Then also happen, the eclipses - lunar and solar. They are associated with life "metabolism" of a person in the society. I.e. what type of "food" does a person need in the form of social environment and contacts. Surely there is no one who has not heard of the caste system in India. Do not laugh and do not reject it. It holds true until today and will continue to exist despite all fluttering slogans about equality.

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