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The sex appeal of the wallet

15 December 2012 / 16:12:41  GRReporter
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I love walking by the sea and listening to what people are talking about. One day I heard something trivial - "If we had had money, our love wouldn't have died." It's not like I've never heard this before, but this time it got stuck in my mind and I suddenly realised to how great an extent we misunderstand the power of money. How do these two completely different categories of life interweave so absurdly and absolutely? Money is actually love - so strong, so real, as the power of love itself. Why? Because money and love are the same thing in a different form.

Today's article is about how love and money interweave in life. Love and money have a common root, a common origin - people's desire to be valuable and appreciated in life. Pursuit of money is not an expression of stupidity and greed. It is our desire for love, to be loved and appreciated. Nobody needs money just for the money itself. It is a measure. Money is used as a short term for material possessions that can be bought with money. Love is an immaterial substance, and, we, humans, can measure it only through something material. The only way to show someone how much you love and appreciate them is by giving them some of your resources - time, money and possessions, care, etc.

Our human world is a world of senses - it is related to the material, to things we can touch, see, feel, hear and smell. We are always looking for an equivalent, something in the form of matter, something with which we can measure. We have no other way to perceive love, but by the measure of our senses. When someone says "I love you," you ask, "How much? How will you show me that you love me?". You need to measure this love with something comparable so that you will know whether it is big or small, how valuable you are for the other person. We seek love, but we can only determine what it is through something material that has a material value. In short, through money.

Have you noticed that we always use marketing terminology when talking about each other? "He is a valuable and important person. She is a dear woman. You are the dearest person to me," "Do you know how much it cost me to win you?", etc.

There is an unwritten law of nature - a man gives a ring while a woman gives her beauty, care and support. Beauty defines how attractive a woman is, while money matters when speaking of a man.

We all know that the most beautiful women can be found around the richest men. From a natural point of view, a man evaluates a woman by her physical beauty, sex appeal and her ability to give him emotions, love, delight and comfort. A woman assesses a man according to the "sex appeal and beauty" of his wallet and his ability to take care of her materially. A woman needs money to maintain her beauty and therefore to take care of the senses and comfort of the man ast her side. A man needs a beautiful woman, emotions and comfort, so he pays for that. No matter how hard we try to deny this conclusion, it is true, after all.

In other words, love between two people always involves money. They say that money can't buy love. It's true. But love can be shown only through money.

Our personal horoscope shows in what material form we evaluate love in our life, in what way we can know that we are worthy for someone, that he or she loves us. In astrology, Venus is the main planet according to which we judge these things. It rules two zodiac signs - Taurus and Libra. The sign Taurus (a firm, earth sign) is a symbol of materialism, money, property and possessions. The sign Libra (an air sign) is a symbol of love, intimacy and romance, beauty and aesthetics.

Thus, a connection between material things (money) and love is created - what kind of a material equivalent we use to measure the other person's love with, or how we show our love. Everyone has their own "measuring" scale and it is determined by the position of Venus.

The twelve signs are divided into four groups according to their element - fire, earth, air and water. Each element is associated with the manifestation of certain qualities. As for Venus, it shows us how and when we understand that somebody appreciates us, that this person gives us love and how big this love is. How he or she evaluates us and therefore how loved we are.

Venus's sign position is an important factor, but it also has to be combined with Venus's house position, as well as its aspects with the other planets in the horoscope. Those of you who are more aware of these things, should take into account both positions. For convenience, I will write how signs correspond to houses. For example, the sign Aries corresponds to the 1st house in the horoscope. The sign Virgo - to the 6th house. I will write this next to each sign. The house position of Venus is responsible for purely material things and the sign position - for more psychological ones.

In general, I can say that when Venus is in the earth and water signs, a more direct connection is observed with the physical expression of love. While in the fire and air signs, it is not that active.

Venus in the fire signs:

Aries (1st house),

Leo (5th house),

Sagittarius (9th house)

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