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In September we are faced with great opportunities

01 September 2014 / 16:09:14  GRReporter
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In this article I will present you the astrological picture for the period 1 - 30 September. I will start with the general picture as a whole and then I will make individual forecasts.
In the previous article I informed you that the new moon that marked the month of August would happen in the sign of Leo and would be in a very accurate conjunct with Jupiter. The symbolism of this section was "flourishing, prosperous, nurturing." It was associated with everything that would flourish and progress slowly over time. The only "disturbing" element was that it would take place slowly – it would begin with some restriction, a tight grasp, to grow to its best form, one way or another, requiring society to carefully approach everything in order to protect and preserve what would be most valuable and important. Things that would slip through your fingers would contain some fragile elements and would have to be strengthened through labour or through investing "nurturing elements, resources" in them or, otherwise, they would fade away. In public and political terms, I expected that the tension would drop in favour of seeking protection and preservation of life (meaning people, societies, unions, community groups, nature) as well as everything that was important in terms of life. Agriculture, farming and food would come to the fore.
     I expected talks about leadership and people who would be able to lead the masses. Each public leader would be subjected to rigorous assessment - the wrong people would just simply drop out. Those who had nothing more to give to the public would take off from the "Ferris wheel," making way for others who have a more appropriate capacity for the future. Therefore, every new leader, who is more stable on the public scene, able to declare his or her bright presence, is a person who has the capacity and ability to achieve future goals, even if this is not an entirely new figure.
     This was the same in the personal aspect too. In some teams, firms, companies, and even in a social group such as the personal family, there would be a shift in positions - office positions would be changed as well as responsibilities, assignments of different members. Because of the "shrinking and tightening" circumstances that took place during the month, I expected more dramatic situations, some exaggerations, more theatricality. However, what was simple, calm, but in contrast, had the potential of eventually becoming a stable "tree" with good fruit deserved attention.
     As for the climate and natural conditions, I expected mid-August to bring disturbing phenomena on a significant scale. These could also be human "storms, tornadoes and floods." The end of the month formed a planetary picture that, especially in the intimate world, would bring a lot of rigour, lack of any tact and morality as well as cold and selfish behaviour.

     What to expect in September of 2014.
     The New Moon in September will occur in Virgo, in a section the symbol of which is "might, power, strength." The planetary picture suggests that September will open opportunities in one direction or another, depending on where a person is going. It will be time for achievements, for being presented to an opportunity for which you have worked hard, for obtaining an award that you deserve in one way or another. For some people, the month may bring good opportunities, without you making any effort, like hitting the jackpot.
     In public and political terms, September is going to be a month of diplomacy. Even if there are critical situations in some countries and other pressing issues, the trend in the month is towards imposing dominance not by a direct demonstration of force but through a delicate manipulation and skilful manoeuvring, to put it quite simply. A specific structure will be achieved, the layers of the world will settle; the positions of the leaders will be established.
    The theme of shift of positions, change of places in the social, public and political hierarchy appeared even in August. This trend will continue in September. Everyone who ends up in a new social and public position actually ends up where he or she has the potential to make an important contribution. On the surface, there may be some shocking situations at times as well as unexpected and sudden decisions, and some disorder. However, this is typical when there is a shift of positions.
     On the personal level, September will open and provide a chance for individuals and smaller social groups as well - it may be simple for some and more extensive for others. The three planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, will direct their "efforts" to "produce" success, to make you important and significant in something, have an advantage over the others. There may be all kinds of surprises, as each opportunity, even the good one, comes all of a sudden, often bringing a new rhythm of life.
     Now I will write how September will affect the various sectors of the zodiac, what topics it will provoke, what types of events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.
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