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Retrograde Mars takes us out of our comfort zone

23 January 2012 / 19:01:19  GRReporter
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    In astrology the Sun and Mars are the two "energy" planets, which define how we target and use our energy, how we express ourselves and our aspirations. In an interval of about 2 years, these two planets form a conjunction that marks the beginning of their next cycle. The last cycle of the Sun and Mars began on 4th of February, 2011. And right now, in the period from 25th of January to 14th of April is the retrograde phase on Mars. This is always an interesting time because it is full of surprises, it is related to turning our focus in a different direction and some kind of shake that takes us out of the comfort of specific areas of life.

    In this article I will inform you how the retrograde phase of Mars affects people depending on their individual horoscope and their sun sign. In order to get the complete picture, remember my previous article, in which I described how the conjunction of the Sun and Mars is demonstrated in the individual horoscopes. There I made you aware of the importance of this conjunction, which even if it occurs within a short period of time, it always affects different areas in individual horoscope. At the time of the merging of the two planets worldly issues are activated that shall be altered in some way. When the retrograde phase of Mars starts, the events during this period are always deeply related and occur in the context of the conjunction - where the "seeds of change" was planted.

    When Mars is moving retrograde it will affect the area between 4 ° and 23 ° of the sign Virgo. The house of the individual horoscope, where Mars will be "walking" back and forth, is usually the area of life in which crises, challenges, problematic situations emerge that require a decision. This is the time of their culmination, of their full and effective manifestation. But their roots, the reason for which these crises have initiated, are revealed through the area that was affected by the conjunction.

    If you know your horoscope, look in which house was the sign Virgo, so as to be able to read the relevant information below. In each paragraph I will also include the sun signs, in relation to which a specific area of life is also activated. The Sun as the most important focal point in the individual horoscope also provides some information. Depending on where the sign Virgo falls in relation to the Sun, we can make a parallel conclusion about the challenges that await us.

    Make a combination between the house position and the position according to the birth Sun. For example: In the individual horoscope, the sign Virgo covers the fourth house. If your sun is in the sign Aries, you should also read the description of the retrograde Mars in the 6th house as if we start counting from Aries, Virgo is the sixth sign.
Therefore you should read the following paragraphs:
Retrograde Mars in 4th house, birth Sun in the sign Gemini – in order to make your interpretation in terms of the home position.
Retrograde Mars in 6th house, birth Sun in the sign Aries – in order to make your interpretation in respect of your Sun sign.

    Retrograde Mars in the 1st house, birth Sun in the sign Virgo.
    During the retrograde period of Mars, at the foreground will come issues related to your personal desires and inner impulses. You will feel filled with emotional fire and energy, much more than normal. Action, action and action again – this is the only thing you will be interested in. And in this personal maelstrom of yours, the likelihood to forget that you are not alone and that your actions do affect other people around you is extremely high. The step towards a conflict and confrontation with a partner is very small, quick and unexpected.

    Retrograde Mars in 2nd house, birth Sun in the sign Leo
    During the retrograde phase, issues will occur related to the resources in your life - material, emotional, mental. The focus is on your personal resources, on completing them through the resources provided by another person, by a partner. The challenge lies in using them in the best way, not to waste your chances. The questions are what and how to give, what and how to receive - this is the time to not only immerse yourselves in your own needs, and not to satisfy yourself only. It is the time to open your eyes for the needs of the others. Conflicts are possible on the base of money and resources of any other type.

    Retrograde Mars in 3rd house, birth sun in the sign Cancer
    During the retrograde phase of Mars, challenges will be related to your personal power and energy. Patience, calmness, will almost completely leave you. You will become more short-tempered and more irritable than usual and this may lead to conflicts with close relatives, neighbours, associates. Conflicts in the everyday life. This is the reason to experience dilemmas related to new intellectual directions, travel, training, giving a new start in life. Seeking the maximum distance from everything that is in the present. Changes and crises in the environment in which you live - the place, your contacts, your communication with the others. Communication of any kind is your weak side.

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