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Personal religion

10 April 2015 / 08:04:20  GRReporter
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Easter is approaching, which is one of the most beloved and revered religious holidays as it carries the symbol of purification, of the victory of life over death. But it carries mostly faith and hope for a better future, for the coming of a new life. Everyone needs to believe in something that gives him or her strength in the most difficult moments.

Today’s article is about how we develop our personal beliefs and personal laws by which we live, and about what they are. In short, it is about our personal religion. It is the thing in which we believe and which gives us strength in everything and meaning to what we do. Each of us has his or her principles, views and personal philosophy that he or she follows. Of course, the lack of firmly established ones is also a kind of personal religion. Not believing in anything is absolutely equivalent to believing in everything.

The ninth house in the horoscope, the analogue of Sagittarius, is associated with our worldview, with the philosophical positions that we have in life; with the education we achieve in a purely worldly aspect and with the help of which we develop our ideas and beliefs.

The ninth house outlines all of our internal laws by which we live in the world. This is the house of ideology, but also of dogma, faith and fanaticism.

The state of this section in the personal horoscope, namely the sign in which it is positioned, the planet that rules it and its position, the planets that are in this house, gives information on what we mostly rely as well as on the main principles and beliefs that are something like our personal guide and teacher in life. It contains the "staying-true-to-yourself" thing and if you lose it, you become a person who has lost his or her way, who is lost in life.

The ninth house is one of the most significant, because it is linked with the blessing and support that we receive from the universe or, in other words, how dear we are to God (in His different forms and manifestations) and how merciful He is to us. According to tradition, a well-positioned ninth house brings luck in life and fair winds, it secures protection and natural (divine) blessing. Therefore, the personal philosophy of life, the personal moral laws by which we live our lives determine the "luck" we face.

Now I will give information based only on the sign that falls in the ninth house. But as noted above, the planet that rules it (how well it is positioned) is of critical importance as well as the presence of other planets in it.

The reading starts from the rising sign, the Ascendant, and the Sun. The Ascendant marks the reality in the form of events and facts and the Sun marks their essences and meaning.

For example, if you were born with Ascendant Gemini and the Sun in Scorpio, then the real principles that you develop and share through words make you different, they are somewhat shocking for other people, the majority of whom cannot understand them (this depends on the sign of the Ascendant). You may be even the "black sheep" of the family.

But the essence of those principles (according to the Sun sign) is related to keeping your nationality, roots, family, not to interrupt the hereditary line, to make it suitable for survival in different conditions. Your family has reached a breaking point and to be preserved, it needs a revolutionary change in the beliefs by which you live, to be able to continue it.

Ascendant or Sun in Aries

The ninth house falls in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. The key factors that are the basis of your personal principles and beliefs are mostly related to trips around the world and to meeting varied and diverse cultures. You form a very broad and vast conceptual and philosophical world, your beliefs are such that nothing should put limits on you. Educating yourself and continually accumulating various knowledge is essential for you, providing you with strength, faith and meaning in life. You develop your moral laws only in a manner that is consistent with your current position, with your style and way of life at a given time. You have the ability to change them on the move, if required by the circumstances. Even if you are "omnivorous" in terms of your personal beliefs, not firm with regard to them and able to easily change them, luck regularly comes to you; it is just enough to maintain your optimism and ideals.

Ascendant or Sun in Taurus

The ninth house falls in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. The key factors that are the basis of your personal principles and beliefs are associated with the strong ambition to achieve a significant public recognition, hold a high position in the profession in which you develop. Personal honour and dignity, respect of society are those things that give you strength, faith and meaning in life. You build your personal beliefs and principles in such a form that they are subject mainly to the goal to achieve something significant in your life. The father is an extremely important figure in your life and his principles and beliefs are literally sealed in your every cell. Consciously or not, you walk in his steps, using his philosophical views and beliefs. The philosophy that you adhere to remains stable and you are able to topple over a mountain but not to depart from it. The more you hold firmly to honour, reputation and dignity, turning them into your central pillar, the more power you acquire, and fair winds and luck come to you.

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