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The perfect relaxation for the body

17 August 2015 / 19:08:47  GRReporter
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Relaxing in whatever form is one of the best things in our lives. Each of us has a personal idea of ​​it, namely where to relax, what to do while relaxing, who to relax with, how to indulge oneself. Rest, however, has another side which is to physically relax, so that our body recharges.

Today’s article is about the most effective relaxation that actually makes the body rest as much as possible. I will write not about the best rest in terms of experiences but about the one that has a revitalizing physical effect. Surely, there are people who know they want to relax after they have been on holiday. This happens because it is difficult for the body to relax in an attempt to gather the maximum number of impressions, do different things, visit new sites. Yes, changing the environment and atmosphere is refreshing but can be exhausting too. Others cannot effectively relax if they do not constantly rush days on end.

The fourth house in the personal horoscope indicates the conditions under which the body relaxes as much as possible, there is no tension and one finds a physical ease and comfort. This house corresponds to midnight in the day-and-night cycle when we sleep to restore our physical strength. In general, the fourth house symbolizes the conditions under which we relax physically and withdraw from activity in the outside world to the highest degree. It is the place where we actually relax and gather strength when we are tired. Therefore, in the first place, the fourth house symbolizes our home and domestic conditions, and our internal comfort. Upon entering home after a busy day, everyone begins to relax as early as at the door by taking off shoes and clothes and replacing them with comfortable clothing that secure the body a complete comfort. Of course, we can effectively relax elsewhere too, not only at home. It is enough to have certain conditions there that are similar to our living conditions, in terms of atmosphere, environment and the things we do.

Most people associate this home relaxation with some insulation, withdrawal, inaction, but it is not always so. If you think, the homes of different people are organized differently, there is no peace and quietness everywhere, on the contrary. Yet they receive good physical relaxation there.

The factors showing the conditions under which the body recovers in the best possible way include the planet that rules the Ascendant. It inherently sets one’s viability and the way in which he or she maintains it. Those who are more advanced could define this planet and read the information on the fourth house considering it from its position in the zodiac sign.

Now I will give information according to the sign in which the fourth house falls. It is counted from the Ascendant, as it is the factor that sets reality in terms of physical conditions, events, and facts.

Ascendant in Aries
The fourth house falls in Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. The main element that helps you physically relax in the best possible way is change - always going to different places and ensuring a sufficient amount of emotional experiences. Even if you have moments of melancholy, of sneaking sadness, they are part of human emotions. When everything is calm and smooth you are tired, not relaxed. Prefer to spend your vacations where there are water basins, such as rivers, lakes, seas. Water in any form strongly tones your body and makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Night activities also contribute to having an effective physical rest.

Ascendant in Taurus
The fourth house falls in Leo and is ruled by the Sun. The main element that helps you physically relax in the best possible way is plenty of entertainment, parties, participation in all kinds of social events and being in the spotlight. The more entertainment and fun during your vacation, the more effectively you relax physically. Silence and the lack of show, both literally and symbolically, can be tiring for you. Prefer to organize your vacations where there are many options for entertainment, plenty of children and young people. Sun light and the artificial lighting tone you to achieve an effective physical rest.

Ascendant in Gemini
The fourth house falls in Virgo and is ruled by Mercury. The main element that helps you relax physically is to set up some kind of a regime in terms of activities or diet so that everything is planned and in order, and you only have to look at the schedule for the day. Even intense physical activity is highly invigorating for you. Prefer to organize "healthy lifestyle" vacations in places where maintaining your physical form is a priority and you can learn something useful. Follow a purifying diet, plan each day so that you do not have periods of inactivity.

Ascendant in Cancer

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