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Our relationships have a zodiac sign too

22 July 2015 / 19:07:10  GRReporter
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Partnerships and love relationships are one of the most common reasons for consulting an astrologer. There is hardly anyone who has not wondered if a relationship will go well, on what it will rest, how it will develop, what he or she will be faced with in that particular relationship.

Today's article is about the message of the moment at which we start a relationship. The time of putting a beginning always plays some role. This point contains very significant information. Therefore, a special section in astrology, called elective astrology, has developed by no coincidence. It deals with selecting the appropriate time for various activities. Especially India and China (and Eastern countries in general) actively use that potential of astrology.

The passage of the Sun through the different zodiac signs brings to the fore different aspects of our lives. Taking a few days to rest at some point because you are feeling this way is almost the same with what happens in relationships. The time at which every zodiac sign is active brings to the fore certain attitudes, different states, different intentions - what you are ready to go through, face and experience.

Particularly with regard to personal intimate relationships, the Sun sign under which they are "born" brings a certain message to their essence. The main topic of the corresponding zodiac sign becomes a priority and indeed the entire relationship imperceptibly forms on its basis. This topic can be both a life belt for the relationship and a source of conflicts and problems. And last but not least, you learn and/or do something significant that is associated with the meaning of this zodiac sign.

Read the information on the sign in which the Sun is located at the starting point of your relationships and draw your conclusions. Which of your relationships were significant, what was their focus and how they evolved. Of course, other factors also influence them because every day contains various planetary configurations. The house where the personal horoscope sign falls is also important and so is the overall planetary picture that is active at the start of the relationship. But in order for the article to be accessible to a wider range of fans of astrology, I will consider only the position of the Sun in the zodiac sign.

Aries (the period 22 March- 21 April)
If you start a relationship in the period when the Sun is in Aries, the leading topic is related to some kind of self-assertion, to obtaining a boost and impetus to the realization of a personal thing. In these respects, the appearance of the person with whom you are starting a relationship and your own appearance play a greater role. It can be called a relationship in which you both aspire to care a bit more about yourself, but mostly in purely physical terms. You may notice that due to the other, you start to radically change your style of dressing and your overall appearance. Your confidence changes on this basis as well. Such a relationship is remembered for its influence on you in terms of forming a personal style or for giving you an impetus to a personal process of self-realization, it changes your personality and how others perceive you.

Taurus (the period 22 April-21 May)
If you start a relationship in the period when the Sun is in Taurus, the leading topic is related to your value system, to the personal resources at your disposal, such as money, things, objects and how you dispose of these resources, how you perceive the material side of life. Certainly, the financial theme in all its aspects becomes a leading one. You may notice that you have brought different order in your personal finances before you realize it and that you have changed your attitudes on what is, and what is not, valuable to you. Such a relationship is remembered for its significant influence on your decisions regarding the sources of money and the way in which you allocate your resources, in terms of how you spend money, what to invest in and what not to invest in. Very often, a person starts such a relationship due to some financial reasons.

Gemini (the period 22 May-21 June)
If you start a relationship in the period when the Sun is in Gemini, the main theme is mainly connected with the process of intellectual communication, a common interest and mutual exchange of different information. The ideological and intellectual side prevails, you bring something different in your style and way of communication. Such a relationship is full of a lot of movement, short trips, you are keen to learn something, attend some courses. All types of vehicles, telephones, IT equipment are actively involved in it as well. You may notice that, because of your partner, you have started to talk a little bit different, your intonation and vocabulary have imperceptibly changed, you have become more confident and courageous. Such a relationship is remembered for its strong influence on your style of communication with the outside world, for having met with many people and acquiring some knowledge.

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