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In October, we act with impulse and inspiration

01 October 2015 / 10:10:47  GRReporter
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This article will introduce you to the astrological picture for the period 1-31 October. I will start with the general picture as a whole and then make individual forecasts.

In the previous article I informed you that two eclipses, one solar and one lunar, would characterize September. They made it one of the most important months as the months containing the annual eclipses mark the most important moments in the year. The most significant events in global and personal terms originate and occur precisely in those months. The solar eclipse was on 13 September and affected those people who were born 2-3 days before or after 11 March and 13 September. The lunar eclipse was on 28 September and affected those people who were born 2-3 days before or after 25 March and 28 September.

The atmosphere set by the September new moon (solar eclipse) symbolized "comfort, convenience, relaxation" - to aspire to a place, people and conditions in which you would feel convenient and comfortable. In the public and political aspect, I expected that the month would be intense, that some constructive first steps would be made, new things would be "born" and a new life would be "conceived". There would be conditions for many trips, relocations, something like a redistribution of the people on earth. In politics and power, I also expected changes in posts and positions as well as in the political course and method of governing. And those who would remain out of power would be unlikely to have the chance to return to it.

In the personal plan, the month would bring an increasing desire to connect, to create comfort and cosiness. Creative professions would also be activated.

The retrograde phase of Venus ended on 6 September and therefore the first ten days of September would be quite intense in connection with love and intimate relations. The retrograde phase of Mercury started on 17 September, so the second half of the month was expected to test all communication and information systems, and all organizational processes.

Normally, the months that are marked by eclipses bring active natural processes and therefore the risk of disasters and unusual natural phenomena would be greater, especially at the end of September.

What to expect in October 2015?
The new moon that sets the atmosphere in October occurs in an area whose symbolism is "to act after a change, to shape a rough piece of stone to turn it into something good and worthwhile." I expect that the month will be tense because of everyone’s strong urge to be active in some way, even to use force to impose his or her will. September brought events that will not remain without a response and the main activity in October will be directed at them in terms of how to implement them, how to "smooth out" the defects and sharp edges.

In the last days of September, Saturn finally entered Sagittarius and the issues affecting international relations, international boundaries, law, the educational system, religion will begin to become more relevant. Raising walls along some state borders, even if it was intended as a temporary phenomenon, will most likely spread in more countries, border control will slowly begin to resume and tighten. Many people, especially those who are alien to a place, could be in difficult conditions.

The good news for the month of October is that many people will have sudden insights and inspirations to do something - with no logical explanation they will feel the urge to act in a particular direction. The last ten days of the month will be the most powerful in this respect. This can be quite confusing, but the paradox is that only those who follow their inspiration without seeking logic in it will benefit. Those who try to force things, not following their inspiration, will instead face disappointment.

The retrograde phase of Mercury that began on 17 September will end on 10 October. Use the first days of October to review, rethink, correct and amend things. Find a constructive solution to the errors and confusion that you experienced in the second half of September.

Now I will write how October will affect the different sectors of the zodiac, the topics it will provoke and the events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.

Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December-9 January
The main focus in October will be on personal issues. Your personal activity will intensify, you will deal with your effectiveness, involvement in new projects, make new plans, pay more attention to yourself. Expect new developments associated with your home, family, parents, living conditions. The financial conditions will be quite favourable, although unstable in general. The month will be favourable for making plans associated with your private life.

10 January-22 January
The main focus in October will be on issues related to your social circle, benefactors and patrons, people on whom you rely. Expect new developments associated with your personal endeavours, implementation of plans and desires, competition. The month will also affecte brothers and sisters as something new will happen in their lives. The financial conditions will be good, you can expect help and support from unexpected places. October will be a little difficult in terms of your private life, especially for those who are in a long relationship.

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