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October is the time for removing weeds and planting new seeds

29 September 2012 / 14:09:44  GRReporter
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    This article will inform you about the astrological picture for the period from 1 to 31 October and which people it will affect. While moving in the celestial sphere, planets activate different parts of the astrological sign and that is why the astrological climate they set affects everyone in a different way, as it is in a direct relation to his or her individual horoscope.
    In the previous article, I told you that the usual autumn September "cleaning" might be deeper, full of more changes in all directions, which may seem unnecessary and unacceptable at first.
    A period of several months has begun since the beginning of September and the main theme during it is related to the accumulation and retention of power, strength and energy in all forms. This process implies reorganization of the fields and methods of activity and making money, of gaining power and force. It is also related with the integration between people, joining groups and teams. The majority of people focus on things that are actually feasible. There will be those who will not be able to hold on to their resource, which can be in any form - material, such as status and position, such as knowledge and skills. There is a greater demand for collaboration with others. Group goals, joining with others are standing in the foreground.
    The theme "It is time for a change, it is time for progress," was valid in September and continues to be applicable in October. Risky steps, surprises, new things to be "tested" to undertake reorganization. It would probably be more by force than optional. I expected that the days between 10 and 20 September might bring renunciation of previous strategies, activities and plans. And the last ten days between 20 and 30 September might bring tension, criticism and changes in directions. Aggressiveness on a larger scale is escalating, people tend to react more sharply than usual.
    What is the astrological situation in October? On 5 October, Saturn makes its transition from the sign of Libra to the sign of Scorpio, where it will stay for the next two and a half years. In the first months, Saturn is positioned in an area, whose symbol is a "double-edged sword." It would not be an exaggeration to say that this sword protects, but it also slays - for good or for evil. What is unnecessary will be removed in order to provide "air, water and space" for the evolvement of the new. It is the time to plant new seeds and to remove the useless weeds. Only what the world needs survives. Progress in all directions remains the core of October too - risky steps, surprising decisions and reorganization. Everything initiated during this period will have great power, strength and sustainability over time. For individuals, Saturn’s move into the sign of Scorpio will bring different things that are strongly tied to their individual horoscope. This can be a highly fruitful period for some and full of losses and failures for others.
    Jupiter’s retrograde phase begins at that time too - 4 October, and lasts about 120 days. Astronomically, this phenomenon is unreal, because the planets do not change the direction of their movement. But for the observer on Earth, Jupiter will appear to turn its direction and will start moving backwards. Retrograde phases are always a symbol of a return, we make revaluations, we see things in a more sober and realistic way. This period especially is the time when everyone, in one way or another, will have a clearer view of where he or she is going, what water he or she is wading in and what he or she has been involved in. The good news is that this is a progressive step forward. The bad news is that there is no turning back.
    I expect the days between 5 and 15 October to be very dynamic. Everything seems to be eagerly rising from all sides, requiring immediate decisions and actions. For public institutions, this can be a very tense time, but also very effective – full of almost revolutionary decisions, which although considered temporary, will prove lasting. All you do spontaneously under pressure will have long-term influence and very long-lasting consequences. I expect the manifestation of two extremes after 15 October - an intense fear and a refusal to take a risk, on the one hand, and reckless courage to bet on presumably losing cards, on the other. Nothing ventured, nothing gained will be a very suitable motto.
    I will now point out the areas in the zodiac affected by the planetary movements in October. And I will also indicate the dates when the Sun will be nearly in these areas and therefore, will have an influence on the people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the other planets, you need to check your personal horoscope. Look at the table in the gallery, find the relevant planet and connect the keywords for it with what I have written.
    Period 1 - 20 October for people with a planet in the area:
2 ° - 8 ° Taurus (people born between 22 and 28 April)

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