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November starts with indecisiveness regarding changes

29 October 2011 / 14:10:34  GRReporter
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In this article I will inform you about the 'climate' characteristics for the period November 1 to 15 and who will be affected from it. This climate affects people in a differently because it is directly dependent on the individual horoscope.

In the previous article about the second half of October the active topic was the search for "lifeline" - relationships, jobs, contracts, agreements. Tendency to isolation and difficulties in communication. My expectations on the socio-political scene were for the occurrence of government crises in various parts of the world. For overcoming conservatism in all its forms. Direction of thinking to have less to do with development but with the status quo - "care, saving, accountability."

During the first half of November the main topics of communication that will prevail will be the topics of patience, determination and strength. Perhaps because we will face many of their opposites - impatience, indecisiveness and lack of power. For this reason, we may often hear someone discussing impatience, indecisiveness and lack of power. The biggest obstacle will be associated with saving, with the care to maintain life in all its forms. Perhaps many people will feel difficulty in their personal lives to decide whether to retain the status quo, whether to preserve the things that give them stability or to make changes. This will be felt in society as well. I do not exclude the possibility for people to feel chaotic and unstable in the societies in which they live. Ranging from small groups to the biggest public entities such as states. You will probably feel a deep lack of consistency and appearance of indecisiveness at a time when changes knock on the door.

Many new relationships of different types will be "born" and "reborn" during those days - intimate, friendly, neighborhood, political, intergovernmental, social. Connections that may come unexpectedly and suddenly but will be fruitful in time.

Now I will mention which zones in the Zodiac are affected during the first half of November. And also the dates in which the Sun is approximately in these zones and therefore affects people born on these dates regardless of the year. For other planets you need to check your personal horoscope.

15 ° - 20 ° Aries (people born between April 5 and 10)
24 ° Taurus - 0 ° Gemini (those born between May 15 and 21)
28 ° Gemini - 3 ° Cancer (people born between June 19 and 24)
4 ° - 9 ° Cancer (people born between 25 June and July 1)
22 ° - 27 ° Virgo (people born between September 15 and 20)
28 ° Virgo - 4 ° Libra (those born between September 21 and 27)
25 ° Libra - 1 ° Scorpio (those born between October 18 and 24)
24 ° Scorpio - 0 ° Sagittarius (people born between November 16 and 22)
16 ° - 22 ° Sagittarius (people born between December 8 and 14)
16 ° - 21 ° Capricorn (people born between January 6 and 11)
21 ° - 26 ° Capricorn (people born between January 12 and 17)
2 ° - 8 ° Aquarius (people born between January 22 and 28)
22 ° - 27 ° Pisces (those born between March 12 and 17)

Look in the gallery of the article which planet concerns you and connect it to the keywords I have mentioned.

The period November 1 to 15 for people who have a planet in the area:
15 ° - 20 ° Aries
is time in which it is possible for you to encounter a failure that will surprise you deeply because you have taken all the right steps and actions at first glance, which were not supposed to lead to failure. Do not lose your presence and confidence. Accept this situation as it is because this is the only way for you to have a chance and open new "doors" for yourself and for others around you.

The period November 1 to 15 for people who have a planet in the area:
24 ° Taurus - 0 ° Gemini
is time during which you can be visited by an inspiration of what you are, what you are, where you belong. Every word you say, your every gesture will be exactly on target. These are days during which you can make the transition from stagnation and mediocrity to freshness and sophistication. Just bet on yourself and your own feelings.

The period November 1 to 15 for people who have a planet in the area:
28 ° Gemini - 3 ° Cancer
is time during which it would be better to apply the ingenious tactic of a "hunter" - to wait patiently and quietly. You should turn your inaction into your greatest achievement. Do not defeat your internal rhythm even if you want to. If everything and everyone around you is not in their right place, this is a signal that you are exactly where you should be. Life shows you something new, something you need and something you are looking for.

The period November 5 to 15 for people who have a planet in the area:
4 ° - 9 ° Cancer,
is time during which composure and tranquility are your biggest friends. You will be able (and will need) to concentrate on a personal issue, a project, plan or task. To prepare and plan everything to the last detail. You may be forced to decide or to act. Keep calm and just act.

During those days your moral principles are likely to be affected.

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