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Mistakes we make in life

14 November 2014 / 13:11:25  GRReporter
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     There always comes a time when even the smartest person makes mistakes. Sometimes they are so unbelievably foolish. However, we, humans, are made like that - we have our own mistakes and imperfections. We pay for our mistakes in one way or another, and there are people whose mistakes are far more serious than yours or mine. This is a matter of the road of life. Although our society categorically condemns those who have made serious mistakes, these people are the most valuable. It is far better if someone else takes the burden of a failure, paying for it personally, and you learn from him or her, not making the same mistakes. We should thank rather than condemn in the cruellest way the people who have actually saved us.
     Today's article is about the mistakes we make in life. I will focus on how to realize that we are about to make a mistake or rather how to understand that in a particular case, it is our fault and not someone else’s. This is a very funny moment in humans. When something is a success, everyone wants to be adorned with laurels. But when we have ended up in a failure, no one wants to be "adorned" with its thorns. In such a situation, we often point out other peoples' mistakes and do not seek our own. Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone admits it.
     In astrology, Mercury is the planet that defines our skills to judge, to make sound judgments, to form our thoughts and make conclusions. Mercury’s task is to collect and process the information received from the senses, and to shape it as a thought or decision. Actually, the mistakes we make are due to a wrong conclusion, misinterpretation of the information received. The sign and the house where Mercury stands, its links with other planets and the phase relative to the Sun, show what our rational mind is as well as our mental and conceptual capacity, judgments and conclusions. But it also defines the situations in which we are most vulnerable to making mistakes, what and when is distorted in our judgments and causes us to make the wrong decision.
     Those people, for whom Mercury is in a more complicated position and strongly attacked by other planets, often make greater and more serious mistakes, for which they dearly pay. There is something specific here, however. Such people are both more open to making mistakes in their decisions and to making unique and ingenious decisions. You know, sometimes a mistake proves to be correct.
     I will present the information that comes mainly from the position of the zodiac sign and the house. Due to its movement close to the Sun, in most people, Mercury is in the same sign. So if you do not know the sigh in which Mercury is in your personal horoscope, read the information about your Sun sign.
     Mercury in Aries (First House)
     The moments in which you are most vulnerable and when the probability of you making a mistake is great are associated with a challenge to you. This happens when you start an argument, when you are provoked to compete and race, or to burst out in anger or when you find yourself in a situation in which you have to prove yourself. You are highly vulnerable due to your haste to finish which is why you make foolish mistakes that do not only save you time, but can bring you additional headaches. Although you have the ability to quickly make mental connections and process the information received, it would be better to take a rest, give yourself three minutes before proceeding to actions in order for your rush to hurry to subside.
     Mercury in Taurus (Second House)
     The moments in which you are most vulnerable and when the probability of you making a mistake is great are associated with situations in which you find yourself in good and comfortable conditions. You are surrounded by a large amount of material values, there is great food and drinks in front of you, you can smell "money" and you are provided access to some wealth. You are highly vulnerable when a desire to own something is provoked as well as the pleasure of anticipating some possessions, when your appetite for life and delight of the senses awakes. Although you are not one of those people who rush, it would be better to make decisions in a more austere environment, but with a full stomach, in order for you to be sure that there is nothing to manipulate your senses in terms of money, food and comfort.
      Mercury in Gemini (Third House)

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