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11 February 2016 / 06:02:17
The Greek government has deprived the independent Council for Radio and Television of its power to hold a competition for licences to be granted to private broadcasters. The limited number of four permit will be granted by the Minister of State, at his own discretion.
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Taxpayers pay almost 97% of the...
Electronic media in Greece strike...
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Archaeology and Hollywood stars, earthquakes, disasters, sports events and entertainment were the topics that drew the strongest interest in the... 
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The new channel will initially carry programmes from NERIT’s archive; new radio stations will follow as well as a satellite TV for Greek expatriates 
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The manager of the web-platform Netflix has failed to turn the Internet channel into a leading TV of entertaining shows. 
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They are in the buff all the time yet the cameras abstain from focusing on their genitalia. The show’s trailer promotes it as "looking for love in... 
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There was an attempt to monopolize the distribution of digital television in Bulgaria alone. Therefore, it is the only European Union member state... 
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Аll things indicate that the merger is based on political terms, with a mind on protection of the owners of the two groups in order for them to... 
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According to the blogger Ivo Bozhkov, social networking plays a key role in the evolution of the still growing civil society in Bulgaria and thanks... 
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The information that users from the two Balkan countries search for on the world wide web is similar. Now we have to learn to filter it out and use... 
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Our site was awarded in the Best Thematic Site category. 
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The Greek Distribution Agency for Foreign Press in Greece has announced the termination of its activities. 
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Polina Spartyanova was selected as a scholarship student of the Foundation for her comment "Do not go to the National Museum of History if you do not... 
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The new channel will start working with, as main task, the reflection of both local elections as well as the elections for the European Parliament 
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