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Keeping your word

14 April 2012 / 14:04:25  GRReporter
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    Taurus (or second house)
    The driving force lies in the stability, comfort, luxury and money. A lot of money and stability for many years. Satisfy his material desires, or at least give him the opportunity to be able to satisfy them alone and this person will make and fulfil all commitments to you. His strength lies in routine, it is enough for him to know that his bank account is being filled up, and it is being filled to a satisfactory level.
    Gemini (or third house)
    The driving force here is intelligence - intellectual stimulus, solving "crosswords", a lot of communication, freedom, and games. If this person finds puzzles, mental and physical activity, you can be sure that he will keep his commitments and promises. Do not forget his possibility to flirt as much as he wants.
    Cancer (or fourth house)
     The driving force here is closeness, caring, the sense of stability and comfort. Security of any type (forever if possible) plays a major role - physical, emotional, mental. The most valuable thing is for this man to know is that he can rely on you for everything - always, forever.
    Leo (or 5th house)
    The driving power here is the attention and fascination he gets, the opportunity for personal expression, stylish games and fun. Let this person shine in all his glory, give him a stage and sophisticated audience, acquaintances with "important" people and he will keep his every spoken word.
    Virgo (or 6th house)
    The driving power here lies in the practical, reason and the details. Give this man an opportunity to fix, amend, organize and arrange. Put him in a clean environment, make for him a plan for years to come, provide him with rules for everything and you can count on the fact that he will complete any assignment. Do not leave him to handle the chaos.
    Libra (or 7th house)
    The driving force lies in communicating with others and the presence of a partner. This person doesn’t like doing anything alone. And do not ask of him to bear responsibilities or to deal with important things. Let him interact with people, give him an opportunity to be around many people. And the commitments and promises should include things related to the situation, the image and the surrounding environment. The practical side of life bores him, he does not want to deal with it. Isn’t that what the partner is for? With this person failure to keep promises and commitments is often observed. "Whoever is good at words, is weak in deeds"
    Scorpio (or 8th house)
    The driving force is passion, power and influence. The ability to go to extremes, making one nervous and walking along the edge. Things must be complex and deep, there should be an element of struggle and domination. For this sign it is the most difficult to make promises and commitments. But if it is made, it is well considered and examined and as a result of that it is almost always kept. And it must bring him a certain dose of money, power and influence.
    Sagittarius (or the 9th house)
    The driving force here lies in adventures, laughter and fun. Everything depressing chases that person away. He prefers to only deal with the ideals in life. Hypersensitivity and sudden change of mood, fluctuation between high optimism and deep pessimism, make him very inconstant in his desires, promises and in the paths which he follows. He is able to dramatically change each worldly attitude literally within minutes. Do not make him promise anything if you do not want him to disappoint you.
    Capricorn (or 10th house)
     The driving force for him is the availability of public and social status. Success in society, the classic and serious matters. He is ready to sacrifice everything only to stand on the highest material and social rung. Any promise he makes and any commitment are properly calculated and consistent with the direction which is also the "way to Rome". But best of all he bears his responsibility.
    Aquarius (or 11th house)
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