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January is coming with strength, courage and character

01 January 2015 / 11:01:52  GRReporter
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This article will introduce you to the astrological situation in the period 1 - 31 January. I will start with the general picture as a whole and then make individual forecasts.

In the previous article, I informed you that in December Saturn would make a transition in Sagittarius. This planet symbolizes time in the sense presented in the Bible, "For everything there is an appropriate time and an appropriate time for every activity on earth." Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until the end of 2017. The main tasks that the world will have to deal with during these years relate to science, education, international politics and relations between states, judicial systems and applicable laws. However, in December I expected some stagnation, fuss, fruitless actions, to feel a bit like a prisoner, wanting to break the chains. Many people would not be dealing with anything serious, quite in harmony with the anticipated Christmas and New Year holidays. Saturn passed from the last degree of Scorpio to the first degree of Sagittarius, which is like going over a bridge between the two sides. Therefore, in the public and social aspect, there was also going to be a pause that would bring changes in the priorities of policymakers and government policies.

December would bring an atmosphere of active and enhanced movement, attraction to everything distant, unknown. This could be associated with a geographic location, people, information or some kind of knowledge. It would trigger the desire to get acquainted with something new and different. The majority of people would want to put an end to what had been burdening them and to take steps to free themselves. Since December is the month of holidays, I expected a much stronger desire in people to go somewhere, beyond the familiar. Even in those who do not often do so.
What to expect in January 2015

The month is going to be more violent, vivid and dynamic, with more events. In general, it is a very productive time but there will be problems and obstacles as well. The coming new moon will occur in a particular area, in the so-called critical and public degrees, affecting "the backbone" of humans and human society as a whole. Therefore, January will be one of the important months in one way or another, both at the global and personal level. The symbolism of the area in which the new moon will occur is associated with "a breakaway, razing to the ground, getting to the root/bottom." At first glance, this sounds pretty bad but actually, it is like destroying a shack that you do not need, thus starting to build a new and stable house.

In political and social terms, I expect some extremes in international relations, a very strong opposition among the great powers as well as clear and open debates. So, listen carefully to the statements of politicians and political leaders, as it is highly unlikely that they will they be more sincere anytime soon. The majority of people will probably face an exacerbation in relationships, as well as discords and conflicts. However, this will be mainly associated with issues that have remained unresolved for a long time.

So, regardless of the emerging situation, one can say that the moon will give a lot of strength, courage and character. Fear seems to melt at times, and people will become more daring. So, January is going to be a month of making difficult decisions that require a lot of courage.

Nature can be slightly unpropitious to us this month, and severe conditions and problematic situations in some parts of the world are not excluded either, especially around 12 and 24 of January.

Now I will write how January will affect the different zodiac sectors, the topics it will provoke, the events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.

Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.
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29 December - 9 January

In January, the general atmosphere will be favourable for you, bringing new developments associated with your friends and social circle. You can move slightly away from people with whom you have had closer relations. You will put most energy into home, family and everyday tasks. You will deal with some improvements affecting you personally, such as physique and appearance. The situation with regard to work will be tense, you will have to work in some more difficult conditions. The financial conditions will be favourable but try to avoid risky operations in the second half of the month. Your personal life will be routine.

10 January - 22 January

In January, the general atmosphere will be favourable for you, bringing new developments associated with your professional commitments or education. You may travel to a distant location. You will put most energy into ventures and initiatives. The month will be tough in terms of your job, some obstacles, competition or lack of support from colleagues will "stop" it. The financial conditions will be highly variable, you may face some unplanned costs that will therefore make it more difficult to not exceed your budget. Your personal life will experience some problems but only in the first half of the month.

23 January - 4 February 

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