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Intimate relationships without sex? No, thank you!

16 November 2013 / 15:11:20  GRReporter
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Some of the most common questions that people ask are related to what their partner prefers in sexual relations, what he or she likes and what to do in order to keep the passion alive. All sorts of methods, approaches, manoeuvres, toys and fragrances that wake up the desire. It is an interesting fact that the sexual part represents only about 10 % of intimate relationships. But precisely when those 10% are missing or inappropriate, they always become a huge problem. Because of those 10% many relationships and marriages fail. This may seem somehow strange, but maybe it is not.

Actually, sex is the reason for closeness and intimacy between people. Without intimacy and closeness, no intimate relationship can exist. Therefore, the issue of sexual preferences is always very important.

Today's article is about what we appreciate most in our sex life. What are the things that have the greatest value for us and which we need. Sex is not just a physical act - everyone is looking for something in it that brings comfort and satisfaction.

Firstly, I want to provide a brief explanation. In order for a sexual act to be fully satisfying, the most important thing is the balance between the male and female energy in each of the partners - the yin and yang. In order for this to happen, the sexual energy must circulate - from the base of the spine (the physical organs) to the brain and vice versa. Only in this way the "three treasures" are connected – sexual (artistic and creative) energy, health and vitality and spiritual and mental strength. If this connection is achieved, it is a powerful source of health and happiness. Therefore, the famous number 69, which is the subject of many jokes, has a deep meaning for those who understand it.

The Chinese have discovered what I described above millennia ago, and in fact it is the main thing that everybody looks for in their sex life. The differences lie in the ways in which we achieve it and precisely these ways gain the greatest value and worth. What works for one person does not work for another person. Each of us has a "start button" - it is in the form of certain circumstances which are a direct way for the achievement of complete satisfaction and finding the desirable "three treasures".

A very important element, however, is the fact that in most cases we do not know what we appreciate most and what presses "the start button" and turns us on. We need someone else to make us understand this. Brilliant psychoanalyst Carl Jung said something very simple: individuals know nothing about themselves. They need others in order to get to know themselves. Which means that if our current partner does not have an innate instinct to give us what is valuable to us, does not know how to, or maybe he or she does not want to, give it to us, we'll look for other people. And that's how we come to the abyss in intimacy and closeness.

In the personal horoscope, the eighth house is associated with sex. And if we take it as a starting point, we can read the story of sexual life. The second house in the horoscope, as a principle, is related to what we appreciate the most in life in the form of tangible and intangible things. It is related to what we need in order to satisfy our needs purely physically (money, food, clothing, etc.). Therefore, to understand what we need in order to satisfy our sexual needs, what we appreciate most and what are the circumstances that "turn us on" so that we can achieve satisfaction and comfort we need to consider the second house, counted from the eighth house. And this is the ninth original house in the horoscope. The information is derived from the sign in which the planet that rules it falls as well as the planets which fall in it.

I will give you the basic information on what the ninth house reports according to the zodiac sign in which it falls. I will point out which the ruling planet is - its status determines what chances in life we have in order to find the satisfaction we seek. This is a complex issue and I will not dwell on it.

I will give you information according to the sign of the Ascendant, because it is a main factor when it comes to material life events and everything that we can experience physically. But if you do not know it, you can read the information according to your sun sign.

Ascendant in Aries

The ninth house falls in Sagittarius. It is ruled by Jupiter. In a sexual relationship, you greatly appreciate honesty and straightforwardness, laughter and entertainment. You greatly appreciate those situations in which you feel as if you are on holiday and filled with optimism and ability to have fun. These are the most important circumstances through which you achieve comfort and find the “three treasures”. You deeply appreciate those partners who can have fun with you. Your sexual approach is quite restrained, and that is why people who can provide you entertainment, have a particularly high value for you.

Ascendant in Taurus

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