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How to stimulate our inspiration according to the personal horoscope

18 January 2014 / 17:01:30  GRReporter
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Archimedes was having a bath in the tub and watching the water splashing outside when the idea which became the basis of the principle of buoyancy flashed across his mind. There is also a famous story about Newton, who discovered the principle of gravity thanks to an apple which fell from a tree. These two famous stories show how the most brilliant ideas can flash through our mind in completely ordinary circumstances.

We have all had times when we have had to puzzle over something – a task, a mystery or a problem related to a personal or professional issue. And no matter how much we racked our brains, we could not find a solution and exclaim ‘Eureka!’ But just while we were dealing with something trivial and routine, the idea flashed across our mind. This is called enlightenment, insight or intuition. It is a fact that our ideas come across our mind in certain circumstances, which often have to do with the environment or a certain routine activity. This activity, however, and the environment in which we are, activate a certain sense in us by which we discover the missing piece leading to a mental flash.

Today's article is about the circumstances in which ideas cross our mind, and hence goals and ambitions. Each goal and ambition stems from a thought, just like a trip – it also starts with the first step.


In the personal horoscope, the third house defines our ability to link details, facts and elements and in this way form a thought. This is the ability to link letters into words, words into sentences and sentences into text. The third house also defines our ability to discern and put information in the right place. The zodiac sign in which the third house falls identifies the best circumstances which facilitate our ideas. Our senses are also important in terms of thoughts - hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell. When they are activated, they often prove to be the linking chain for the transfer of information between brain cells.

Beside the third house in the horoscope, Mercury is also associated with the rational and intellectual mind, as well as with our discriminative ability. The third house, counted from Mercury, relates to the circumstances in which the communication between our brain cells happens.

I will write what information we can derive from the zodiac sign in which the third house in the horoscope falls. Since Mercury is also important, the third house counted from it is significant. Very often, Mercury falls in the same sign in which the Sun sign falls. Therefore, if you do not know the sign in which Mercury is situated in your personal horoscope, read the information about the sign in which the Sun sign falls. The Ascendant has a greater priority in terms of physical conditions, while Mercury is relevant to your senses.

For example, for Ascendant in Aries, the third house falls in Gemini. This means that the mental activity is most effective while talking to someone and using information tools. If Mercury falls in Sagittarius, the third house falls in Aquarius. This means that ideas flash into your mind when something happens suddenly or in shocking circumstances. For such a person ideas usually come in a flash while communicating with someone or reading a newspaper and finds out something shocking. At such moments, this person concentrates on a good idea or finds the solution to a long standing problem.

Ascendant or Mercury in Aries


The third house falls in Gemini. It is ruled by Mercury. The circumstances in which ideas and thoughts cross your mind are related to situations in which there is communication and all kinds of information tools - books, newspapers, television, radio, internet, phone, etc. You think most actively when you are in motion, while travelling, talking to someone or reading something. Your best ideas which later evolve actively often stem from some specific information you have heard or read. If you are lacking mental energy, just talk to someone – your brother/sister or neighbour. Another good way is to take a short car-trip.

Ascendant or Mercury in Taurus


The third house falls in Cancer. It is ruled by the Moon. The circumstances in which ideas and thoughts cross your mind are related to your emotional nature and feelings. You think most actively when you are at home around your family, while feeling cosy and comfortable and when you are at rest and your body is completely relaxed. Your best ideas which later evolve actively often occur to you while you are at home, having a rest after work, taking a shower or doing the washing-up, for example. Contact with water acts like magic for you. If you are lacking mental energy, spend a few minutes with someone from your family, especially your mother. You can also take a bath, go for a swim or think about a dear memory.

Ascendant or Mercury in Gemini


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