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How to recover after separation

21 November 2014 / 11:11:56  GRReporter
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Parting with a loved one or a long-term partner is something that has happened to everyone. Some experience it once, others several times. Separation is a peculiar process. It is like facing death, but in a different version. The other one departs and there comes a gap that often (actually always) is difficult to be filled. Naturally, time heals everything, because life does not tolerate vacuums and empty spaces. Nevertheless, a person experiences very unpleasant conditions while he or she recovers.

Today's article is about separation, the easiest and most natural way to go through it and recover from it. There are thousands of tips, but the recipe is always individual. It depends not only on your ability to cope, but also on your relationship with this particular person. Therefore, some separations are more painful, while others are like snow in May. But the style and the way of dealing with all of them is always the same.

The Moon in the individual horoscope is related to how we react, emotionally and instinctively, to each situation in life. It is precisely the moon that plays a significant role when talking about the inner nature of a person, in terms of spirit, instincts, emotions, perceptions. Its position determines our nature in general, how we accept the world around us and how we react to it, how often we face disappointments as a whole and our general approach to them. We however find ourselves in different situations. It makes a difference with whom we part, whether he or she is a close friend, a loved one, colleague, relative and so on. Sometimes it is more painful to part with long-time colleagues than with an intimate partner.

Particularly in relation to personal partners, the focus is on the seventh sign/house from the Moon. It shows our emotional connection with them. A breakup is to blame on the eighth house counted from the seventh or the second house counted from the Moon. It describes how we go through the separation with an intimate partner.

The second sign (and house) counted from the Moon defines the breakup of a relationship, and shows the typical way to go through the separation so as to recover and to be able to start another relationship. The position of the Moon in the sign defines our "filter" - how we accept the world around us , how we respond to it and accordingly, the type of emotional experience that we can endure. The second sign after the Moon shows our resources to deal with this emotional experience. Therefore, a person whose horoscope has a planet in it obtains more support than others do, and the conditions for handling the situation are better for him or her. Those who do not have a planet in their horoscope usually fight alone, not seeking help from the outside world, because subconsciously they know that they will not find it.

Now I will present the information that mainly comes from the symbolism of the zodiac sign, which is the second counted from the Moon. The planet that rules it is important as well, as its speed and agility, power/weakness, show how fast you go through a separation while you recover and are able to start a new relationship. Generally, this is very difficult for people with the Moon in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. It takes them the longest time to go through this process.

Moon in Aries
The second sign falls in Taurus and it is ruled by Venus. You go through a separation in quite a pragmatic and easily attainable way. You are realistic, your emotional nature rapidly changes and a separation is more like a fresh start for you. You just surround yourself with some abundance, trying to live comfortably, deliver more luxury and splendour, indulging in good food, shopping, beautiful women or men, experiences and lifestyle that "comforts" your senses and hence the unpleasant emotions.

Moon in Taurus
The second sign falls in Gemini and it is ruled by Mercury. You go through a separation in quite an interesting way, as you become very talkative on the subject (unlike while you are in a relationship); you talk about the separation and discuss it with everyone you can. There is a direct proportion, the stronger your relationship with that person was, the longer and the more you talk about it. Having "told" all about it, discussed all its aspects, including memories, situations, the most important moments, you feel ready to get up and keep walking.

Moon in Gemini
The second sign falls in Cancer and it is ruled by the Moon. You go through a separation by indulging in a seemingly unusual emotion for you, by going through a whole range of emotions - from deep despondency through indifference and contempt to return to "I cannot do without you." You do all this in reticence, isolating yourself at home. You indulge in memories, arranging them to put them in the archive. You need to experience all feelings in order for you to break free from the separation.

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