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How to choose colours according to your horoscope

13 March 2015 / 15:03:14  GRReporter
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One of the most beautiful things in nature is colours. In fact, they are nothing more than refracted, reflected light, which, thanks to our eye "apparatus", we perceive as colour. The colours we see have a huge impact on us as they directly affect our senses and perceptions. Almost everyone has heard that the colour red is associated with strength, courage, passion and love and it is good to use it in clothing when you want to attract attention. The first part of the description of the colour is correct but for some people, its effect would be to repulse other people, not to attract their attention.

Today’s article is about how to use the different colours in clothing and in terms of the items which we keep around us. Each colour provokes a different theme in life and if bright colours such as red, orange bring positive experiences in the life of the person who wears clothes in these colours, the same colours can bring problems for others. Ancient astrologers, especially Vedic ones, were able to very well recognize the planet that "guided" a person based only on the colours that he or she was wearing. They were able to understand the reasons why this person had turned to them. That is why even today in India the recommendations on the colour of clothing, jewellery, personal items, cars and everything that we keep around us are part of the so-called "remedies" to maintain personal balance and mitigate adverse effects.

The colour of your clothing strongly stimulates the planets that correspond to that colour and the areas to which they relate. The same applies to the items that you use. If you do a test in which you have to specify the colours you like best and the ones that you avoid, in the majority of cases it will show that the colours you love are associated with the planets and the areas that are most important for you. The colours that you avoid are associated with areas in which you have a weakness, in which you are not confident and face many difficulties.

The seven main colours in the natural palette correspond to the seven major planets in astrology.

The Sun is copper red, orange, the colour of the living flame.

The Moon is pure white.

Mars is blood red.

Mercury is bright green like fresh grass.

Jupiter is golden yellow.

Venus is white-violet (white-pink).

Saturn is blue, but also black, the darkest shades of primary colours.

Brown, which is also common in the colour range, is a secondary colour. It is a mixture of red and green. In other words, using it affects two life topics.

When you read the information about yourself and if it turns out that you do not like one of these colours and avoid it, it means that the particular issue is a problem for you. The colour that you like the most indicates the important area and topic in your life which is a priority for you.

Furthermore, if you have a planet near the Ascendant in your personal horoscope, it has a dominant influence on your main personal colour that affects your personality. For example, if your Ascendant is Capricorn and Mars is in the same sign, close to the degree of the Ascendant, then the bright shades of red are a desirable addition to the main colour.

Ascendant in Aries
Mars is the most important planet for you as it rules Aries. Bright red is very beneficial for you, especially when you look for personal expression, to stand out, and in terms of your physical condition and appearance in general. Although this colour is aggressive, this aggression and exuberance suit you, people perceive you positively, you do not repel them.

If you look for personal expression and want to be personally visible, to feel vital and energetic, use a bright red colour.

If you look for cooperation, partnership, collaboration, choose pink and purple, but saturated not pale.

If you look for respect, prestige, authority, power, bet on blue and black.

If you look for love, joy, happiness, use deep orange and red with copper shades.

If you look for rest and peace, use yellow combined with pure white.

If you look for communication or important information and ideas, bet on fresh green.

Ascendant in Taurus
The most important planet for you is Venus since it rules Taurus. Pink and violet are the most favourable colours for you, as they enhance your personality. Although pink is usually considered as a feminine colour, pale and unsaturated pink is very suitable for men who have this sign rising in the horoscope.

If you look for personal expression or want to be personally visible and to feel vital and energetic, use pink and violet.

If you look for cooperation, partnership, collaboration, choose red, but with darker shades, or burgundy red.

If you look for respect, prestige, authority, power, bet on blue (with metal and electric shades) and black.

If you look for love, joy, happiness, use green, but not very bright.

If you look for rest and peace, strange as it may seem, bright red is calming for you but in combinations with some orange.

If you look for communication or important information and ideas, bet on pure white.

Brown is the colour that gives you peace, love, joy and happiness. Use it bravely in life.

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