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Houses in the Horoscope

30 July 2010 / 17:07:13  GRReporter
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Second house
Resources, means (in every sense) that we avail and use to keep our lives. Everything that has value for us. I wish to emphasize that the second house is not just a house of finances, as widely perceived. The first thing a baby has and uses are the eyes and the speech. And the baby needs food to survive.  

Although finances really belong to the second house, it does not define the ways in which man gains them. But the property he/she managed to preserve and accumulate. There are people who can earn much money but are unable to keep it, save it

Third house
This house is associated with routine, regular communication and interaction, the immediate environment such as siblings, neighbours, associates, people we love to do different things with. Short trips, elementary education, correspondence and other forms of communication.

Here, however, are defined the impulse and the emergence of personal desires and goals. Because they occur only after the person enters into communication with the outside world. This is the primary meaning of the third house, before all the others I’ve mentioned above. So, if we want to know whether the man is proactive, determined and ambitious, we will get more adequate notion if we consider the third house.

Fourth house
The fourth house or IC (Imum Coeli) is the point that symbolizes our roots in every sense. It shows our internal support, the foundation on which we build our lives.

The primary meaning of the fourth house is the inner peace, our sense of happiness – how and where you find it (or do not find it). Everything that could create it – the inner peace – is in the meaning of the fourth house: mother, home, residence, privacy. This house includes properties in the form of real estate. Because earth is the universal mother of every living thing.

Fifth house
The primary meaning of this house is creative intelligence, what we create and make. The 5th house is the house of creativity, of our natural intelligence, our capacity and our talents.
The first thing the genes of every man want is to reproduce, procreate. This process includes love and relationships, romance.

This is the house of luck too. Because it shows the talents of people, things done with ease and spontaneity, they bring either just money, and sometimes fame and popularity. Profit comes without too much effort. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the houses of luck.
And like a talented musician, who gives his heart and soul to his work, and for him it is a process of genuine pleasure, enjoyment and entertainment, the fifth house defines these things. But their perception is slightly different to date. Therefore, despite it is being argued that sex as a pleasure belongs to the fifth house, I personally do not find any sense in it. The fifth house does not define “the other”. And you can have sex without the presence of another person, can’t you?

Sixth house
The fundamental meaning here is associated with things that need to be improved through conscious effort and work so we can maintain good physical and material existence. This is one of the unpleasant houses, symbolizing the unpleasant events and situations in life.

The 6th house is the first of the three “unhappy” houses. They are called so because of the transition position of the Sun from one state to another. Therefore, they are houses that require change. And the change comes through forced difficulties.

In this case, the sixth house is the segment immediately after sunset. It goes to the invisible state. And, initially, it is in shock because it loses its force. But this has its positive side. Because after becoming invisible, the sun reconciles with its condition, gets used to it and continues its way to the next place of change – the fourth house. As happens when you go from light in a dark room – you see nothing at first, but then our eyes get used to the lack of light. Therefore, the sixth house, although connected with difficulties, is the house that improves what has been violated after the initial injury.

Мodern astrology gives somewhat sweetish meaning of the sixth house. They say it was the house of work as daily duties, serving others, house of health. The traditional meaning is the “house of diseases” – something completely different in meaning.
This house defines our “enemies”, what can make us “ill” – these are accidents, illness, obligations, people we are at enmity with in lawsuits and all kinds of battles, bad habits and vices. All that we must overcome in order to be healthy again – literally and figuratively.

Naturally, there are positive things that are defined in this house. This is our ability to overcome obstacles. If the third house symbolizes our determination to start something, the sixth house shows how far we can get - if we manage to finish, regardless of emerging obstacles or give up still at the beginning.

To be continued with houses from seven to twelve and their meaning.

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